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No medals target China Asian Games team three goals still need to explore the
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The Chinese delegation will meet the media this morning at the Asian Games Main Press Centre, Media Village, the Chinese delegation for the Asian Games medals on the goal, to participate in the meeting Xiao Tian, deputy head of the Chinese sports delegation is given only mode Paste answer: Beyond the last, but no specific medals target. Asian Games after the Olympic Games in Beijing, China to participate in the most critical and important international Comprehensive event, the replacement of old stage in the Chinese sports will face in the future after the London Olympic Games and the challenges of various international competitions , Although the target for the Asian Games medals will only give a vague answer, but in his speech, Xiao Tian, the Chinese delegation to attend the Asian Games on several core issues are described. On the young players - prepare for London, reserve personnel Asian Games 70% of the Chinese delegation, after the team is 90 players, average age of players is only 24 years old, the youngest player is 13-year-old drummer summer boat project poetry Ying, Duan Shijie Chinese delegation at the Asian Games in State player had said the ceremony into the village, the Chinese team in the Asian Games on one of the goals is to cultivate successors, focusing on the London Olympic Games, in today's media conference, Xiao Tian, deputy head of the issue once again stressed . "Beijing Olympic Games, many new players to our team. Some veteran retired, added in some fresh blood. This is a test of the young athletes," added Xiao Tian " The waves pushed before, there are so many young athletes to participate in the competition is to combat honed through more players to strengthen the level of psychological and technical style, after the London Olympics and a series of country Event will reserve personnel. " To achieve a historic breakthrough at Beijing Olympic Games after the Beijing Games in 1990 is 20 years later, China once again as host of a delegation to the Asian Games venues, the real temper of the young athletes, and style of trained mental For the key to the future development of Chinese sports. On the three balls - the shift, and explore ideas Women's Volleyball World Championship group stage only, the Japanese men's soccer team, "second line" combination of defeat, Men's Basketball Team lost the style of fighting does not win, after the Olympic Games in Beijing, China Qi depression bottom three balls had the advantage of the project Gone, Turning to the three objectives of the ball in the Asian Games, said Xiao Tian, the Secretary said: "The team will go all out, but still difficult to get good grades." Xiao Tian pointed out that since President Hu Jintao put forward a Major sports power from the sports development objectives, the Chinese sports industry and development direction of the pattern gradually changed to the average strength of the project based on strategic objectives Marked shift to a higher level of professionalism to the idea of three balls into development planning, project in the nationwide system of collective projects in the growing up gradually along with the challenges facing more market background, and as the global economy Of the development, led the global sports industry's rapid development of professional athletes of other countries to enhance the strength of lead changes, and to the advantage of China's three major goals is no longer obvious, "We look under the Chinese system is the most appropriate way, we still need time to explore some of the issues." Said Xiao Tian, the Secretary concluded. On the opponents - to accept the challenge, their applause A total of 45 countries from Asia and the region more than athletes of the purpose of the Asian Games medals will be challenged to achieve in 1982 the first Asian Games medal table after the summit, the Chinese delegation at the 7 th consecutive sub- Games will be the last to defend his own honor, which allows Asian countries participating teams in the past four years to prepare the middle and lower foot work, trying to challenge the dominance of China. South Korea, local media have been disclosed in the Asian Games team will get 200 gold medals on the target, you know, the Korean team won the only stadium in Doha, 58 gold, 4 years and have completed a leap in quality seems not rewrite history Possible, but the news also shows that the Korean team on the challenges of Asian dominance of the Chinese delegation's ambition, which soon gave Xiao Tian, the Secretary replied: "This is good, if the other team won, and I will They are happy for them to applaud. " At today's conference, another reporter also asked questions in China and Japan on the Diaoyu Islands issue of friction between the Asian Games athletes of Japan in men's soccer team before the end of the race, it was Japan II Line line-let the Chinese Olympic team thoroughly discredited in the next game, the number of projects at the confrontation will be again, the race because of political factors are more spark and the friction, but also the concerns of the people . "Sports is not politics, we will not worry about this problem from occurring. Chinese audience will also get good grades for the Japanese players given cheers, I hope they will happy to go play their competitive level." Xiao Tian affirmed the Secretary's back. On Liu Xiang - the difference between the peak from the individual Liu Xiang's injury and status of the recovery has been the focus of attention, as China's Olympic gold sprint first person on the project, Liu Xiang's trip will be the key to the Asian Games, Liu Xiang Liu Xiang's coach Sun Haiping told the Asian Games Will be to explain the situation, he believes the Asian Games in Guangzhou, Liu Xiang should be able to get 13 seconds on the 30 or so results, but also pointed out that his injury is still a big problem, and its teammate Shi Dongpeng will bring great challenges to his . Turning to "Xiang night", Xiao Tian in today's press conference the Secretary said: "As an athlete, Liu Xiang has his campaign peak of physical condition after back injury and some volatility, I think the top of his current and his Still some gaps in the peak state. " "His condition is good, I hope he can get good grades." Xiao Tian added.