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Absorbing good resume: 15 seconds capture the heart of HR
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  • A good resume, crucial to applying for a job, have conclusive effect even sometimes.
    Is so what kind of resume just absorbing resume? What kind of resume is most of no good? Is resume to be written so that grow more to be jumped over more? In resume writing process, besides the need that considers oneself to narrate, what to consider even? With respect to these problems we interviewed the invite applications for a job that Silunbei thanks transnational corporation to be in charge of Xu Dayou, made a gentleman put forward a lot of in the proposal of earnestly, we hope to be able to give the friends that applying for a job with more or less edificatory.

    Reporter: Silunbei withers to want invite applications for a job every year a large number of this year's graduateses, whether does in resume writing respect give graduate a few proposals?

    Xu Dayou: It is very important to write resume from the angle of the person that sift resume, but oversight of a lot of people this. Because of us every time invite applications for a job can receive about a hundred resume, and we spend the time on every resume not much.

    Reporter: What to basically see inside very short time?

    Xu Dayou: Actually this should see a resume what can communicate inside so short time. The impression that resume leaves to the person inside 15 seconds is crucial. Want to examine a resume is absorbing, a simple way gives a person this resume namely, the recapture after 15 seconds comes, next you ask him what he knows about this resume, he obtains how many crucial information from inside this resume.

    Reporter: What kind of resume is a good resume?

    Xu Dayou: Resume does not have fixed format, but this resume should consider to be able to give the person that see to leave what impression in written process, the resume with others whether gutty and divisional feeling, and what to highlight in resume.

    Resume wants as far as possible compendious, not be to be written so that jump over it is long, good to be jumped over more more. If a resume wrote 5 pages paper, we spend the likelihood to there is two only in time of every page paper 3 seconds. We can see a few resume normally, most on end has a very big headline, writing " resume " two words, it is font compares it on the side Xiao the name of 5 times, back-to-back move is a few thickly dotted things, such resume is not very good resume, the person that sees resume should waste two seconds to plant above all read headline, seek useful information painfully next even from thickly dotted font.

    Resume wants a fact to beg is, practise fraud is most of no good. The heavy reproduction elephant in resume is very serious, especially English resume, a lot of people use same sentence, same COVER LETTER, write very beautifully, but won't obtain good the first impression normally, because this is a mutual and common thing, chat through English we can discover he writes this resume very quickly. If his English ability did not reach this level, but he wrote a very good thing, we think this individual is dishonest. We are written not quite well to, even the resume with wrong move may compare the be mingled with in the sentence even better to the impression of this resume.
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