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Chinese and English job experiences everyday expressions
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  • Work Experience job experiences experience of Occupational History workSpecific Experience of all previous of Professionalhistory duty already is specific experienceResponsibilities duty Second Job the 2nd professionAchievements job is accomplished, outstanding achievement Administer managesAssist auxiliary Adapted To suits atAccomplish is finished (the task) Appointed by diceyAdept In is good at Analyze analysisOf Authorized appoint; The Behave of approve is behavedThe settlement of crucial question of Breakthrough of break the record of Break The RecordControl controls Conduct to manage, processingCost cost; Charge Create is createdDemonstrate proof, demonstrative Decrease decreasesDesign designs Develop development, playDevise design, invention Direct is directiveDouble is double, turn over Earn one time to obtain, earnEffect effect, action Eliminate is eliminatedEnlarge enlarges Enrich to make aboundExploit is developed (resource, product) Enliven livensEstablish is established (the company) ; Make practice Evaluation appraisal, evaluationExecute is executed, executive Expedite is accelerated; PromoteGenerate generation Good At is good at atGuide is directive; Operate Improve is improved, riseInitiate is virgin, initiate Innovate reform, innovationInvest invests Integrate consociate; Make unifinicationJustified classics proves; The Launch open of legalization (new company)Maintain maintains; Maintenance Modernize makes modernNegotiate negotiation Nominated is nominated; By diceyOvercome overcomes Perfect to make perfect; ImprovementPerform is carried out, fulfill Profit profitBe Promoted To is nominated for Be Proposed As by promotion (recommend) forRealize comes true (target) obtain (profit) Reconstruct rebuildsThe Refine of Recorded account is chastening, purificatoryThe Regenerate that Registered already registered is newer, make second birthReplace is replaced, replace Retrieve to redeemRevenue accrual, of income Scientific science, of the systemSelf-dependence self-made Serve serves, hold postSettle is solved (the problem) Shorten bring down... efficiencySimplify simplifies, compact Spread travels, expandStandard standard, norms Supervises is supervised, managementSupply furnishs, contented Systematize makes systematizationTest experiments, examine Well-trained is well-trainedThe Target objective with worthy Valuable, indexAdvanced worker of Advanced Worker of Working Model model worker

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