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Hunt head pays close attention to resume 3 element
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  • Yesterday, not rare find new job the white-collar personage of idea is hit into the hot line to enquire, want a when go up to make list of hunt head talent, how should write good resume? The reporter interviewed future not to have Luo Bai of adviser of care hunt head at this point, luo Bai thinks, should notice in resume the following 3 element:
    ○ is the closest hold a post company. Hunt head can notice candidate is in what company to had worked recently above all. If be in same industry with vacant position, and the experience that the lead company in this industry holds a post, so the opportunity that nine times out of ten can gain interview. Additional, have the experience person that is in the enterprise that cross a state, well-known company, can receive first consideration.
    ○ position. Unit of choose and employ persons trusts the talented person that hunt head seeks, it is to be on level of management and professional skill normally the outstanding talent with darker intelligence, if your resume did not show you to have enough controller qualifications and record of service (for instance 5-7 year) , so your resume is very easy by oversight. Next, know extent of development of your duty size, industry through resume, can judge you and vacant position accordingly match rate.
    ○ outstanding achievement. The position description that props up without outstanding achievement does not have conviction. Because different company is right the content of position and duty limits design are different, what mirror individual ability and qualifications and record of service truly so is working outstanding achievement, number, case and award, these can move more than feature-length position description the person that sees resume.

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