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9 names look forward to sees resume
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  • Turnip green vegetables, each love somewhat. Say commonly, the filtration of branch of choose and employ persons to resume is to have each different. Of course, also not be to do not have same point. In the discovery in chatting with manpower resource director, the authenticity of content is one of levels that everybody maintains consistently; Not full and accurate, full length the resume of tired wooden tablets or slips for writing lets a person approbate quite; Those elaborate design, sticking art to take the resume that takes with photo, unit of bright useful person casts ay.

    Put in resume, it is to apply for a job person the first pace that apply for a job, and a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success that resume also became to apply for a job. Whether organic meeting attends next assessment gains the opportunity that will work, it is good to see this a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success completely. And from the point of company point of view, how treating resume is the key that chooses a talented person one pace. So, is each big company, enterprise how choose resume? Below, with respect to the specific standard that 9 names look forward to measures resume under the introduction.

    Company of Chinese mobile group

    Interview an object: Manpower resource ministry is advanced project manager Mr Liu Ling heart

    See major carry school setting again first

    Chinese shift adopts a variety of means to have invite applications for a job, include invite applications for a job first class of meeting, newspaper, magazine, hunt, those who use at most is network invite applications for a job. In the meantime, still can be aimed at project of invite applications for a job, undertake campus invite applications for a job, society invite applications for a job and in-house contest are hired. Shift has given professional the website the package outside a lot of jobs, following an established order and standard when choosing resume, written examination and interview consequently. An outstanding talent applies for shift, need passes the following programs:

    Software system chooses resume → to choose resume → the first round artificially → of interview → written examination the 2nd round of interview

    Automatic software system can pass check 5 respects will choose resume, namely the school and experience of professional, study result, class rank, English ability and project. These are the 5 large stumbling block that apply for Chinese shift. Chinese shift favors those come from the undergraduate of key school, professional be geared to the needs of the job, and renown school setting, outstanding English ability and the experience that had held the position of organizer of cadre of monitor, student union, mass organizations, can become those who apply for Chinese shift add minute of window.

    ABB(China) finite liability company
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