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Apply for predestined relationship of resume disappear forever why reason?
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  • Birdie often can hear a friend to be opposite of a few help wanted complain: From the requirement of condition and help wanted is complete conform to, even condition of excel invite applications for a job, but send after applying for a letter, be like disappear forever however, without any messages. The hard to avoid in some popular feeling makes a whisper, think many times, some got insignificant problem, good, applied for a job to become life indescribably to think over. Pardonable the friend that some met many nail, can raise question to the authenticity of a few help wanted.

    Depend on birdie see, true was a problem, but self-knowledge or one of reasons. A few days ago in TV Yan Jizheng of an English teacher in program of put together art is assiduously studying MBA. Birdie some feel puzzled, the experience that you work even the enterprise is done not have, able what to read? Find oneself is too good, cannot differentiate correctly the difference between oneself condition and requirement of invite applications for a job. You become aware derive from personal enough qualification, but others feels you are no good. For instance the requirement works experience 5 years of above, that friend taught 5 years of books, can use without giving thought to likely.

    Still have a very main reason, it is these to apply for a job person do not appear to help wanted knowledge, flatter oneself should accord with the condition in help wanted to be able to be cast only apply for a letter. Such, apply for the effect of course won't good. Birdie thinks, right the following these advertisement ought to special raise vigilance.

    Be about to do business or do business before long enterprise help wanted. The business with the foreign enterprise with lesser dimensions of this kind of investment or investment lesser matrix is main the person selected of post often has reached the designated position, they publish a few help wanted, it is for " gleaning fill a vacancy " , or store for the development henceforth talent information. Accordingly, unless be very outstanding person,ability can arouse their real interest. These enterprises just opened business, money does not earn inside short time, meet cease all activities. The company is already perhaps washed-up when the to apply for a job that you send is believed.

    Most abominable is the help wanted that publicizes a measure as the enterprise. The service line of business such as main out food and the manufacturing industry that face public spending, wait like food, home appliance, safe, estate. Ground of at great length of most of this kind of advertisement does him company first of what do most length, next small below, inconspicuous place gets on a few pitiful post, still ask especially tall sort slants especially. Anyway although this kind of position is not responded to have excuse always also, find fault easily.

    Still have be in all the year round published help wanted. Have a few kinds of content commonly: It is the position with personnel frequent prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Insurance clerk, straight sell personnel, or demand of technology, skill is not high promote personnel. This kind of position adds the means of deduct a percentage from a sum of money to pay reward with base salary commonly, won't sign formal labor contract with you even. 2 be the talent library that will enrich oneself through ceaseless invite applications for a job, this kind also stopped. 3 it is the pertinent information that gathers course of study of person of the same trade. Some dimensions bigger or investment before long foreign capital enterprise, lend the name of invite applications for a job, gather the fruit of the person of the same trade, salary standard information that is the same as position all right, accordingly, the data that they provide to you only, information is interested, and do not have much large interest however to you yourself. A of birdie close friend has been met. It is OK that proposal reader friend encounters similar case bilk is dialed for the name 110.
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