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Give on most resume of gay of the person that get invite applications for a job
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  • Draw near graduation, a lot of colleges are graduate already " fight in some places one by one " at each talent market, you can see meantime a lot of undergraduates hold resume, run indefatigably at stall of invite applications for a job before, give the previous generation with reverence and awe to expressing his resume to the staff member of unit of choose and employ persons, hope to they can understand themselves from inside this resume and give a chance, resume is the first opportunity that the undergraduate reveals him to unit of choose and employ persons undoubtedly.
    But, whether is the resume that undergraduates prepare meticulously of requirement of unit of choose and employ persons? Is unit of choose and employ persons to the view of resume what kind of? What kind of talent is just unit of choose and employ persons expectation sees?

    Came on June 2, 2002 on June 8, bright summary market is engineered (Shanghai) limited company is mixed to a few undergraduates of Shanghai with respect to resume problem the HR manager of the company undertook investigating. This year's to 315 of Shanghai undergraduate registered capital to have random sampling investigation in the enterprise of 2 million above with 243, investigation used phone visit, its data degree of confidence is 95 % .

    Resume is not the more the better

    Findings shows, in sufferring the undergraduate that visit, write 6 - the number of 8 pages resume is maximum, occupied 41 % ; It is next 3 - of 5 pages for 27.4 % ; 9 - 10 pages are 12.9 % ; 2 pages and above are 9.6 % ; 11 pages and above are 9.1 % . However, the HR manager of unit of choose and employ persons hopes to see applicant's resume is medium, choose 3 - of 5 pages most, for 45.5 % ; It is next 6 - 8 pages have 22 % ; 2 pages and it is 17.5 % below; 9 - 10 pages are 8.5 % ; 11 pages above is 6.5 % .

    Researcher thinks, when the undergraduate makes resume, often holding in the arms to the queen's taste state of mind, always feel to highlight oneself, show oneself ability adequately, be about to make resume reach every aspect of a matter, the detail part that unit of a few choose and employ persons pays close attention to careless omission of for fear that quite, make oneself are in ahull position in the competition of first step thereby. Accordingly, make elegant, content full and accurate often is the general psychological level when the undergraduate makes resume.

    However, unit of choose and employ persons just wants to pass resume normally, can know a few initial cases of applicant probably, and the undergraduate lacks real operation experience, the discretion of their ability comes out through resume performance hard, be being written again more also is be an armchair strategist in detail again, without real work achievement, can't let be convinced of unit of choose and employ persons.

    And consider from unit of choose and employ persons, they often can receive the resume of a lot of applicant in process of invite applications for a job, full length the person that the resume of type of tired wooden tablets or slips for writing also lets invite applications for a job looks dizzily. Accordingly, compare an undergraduate, they are to want to the requirement of resume length more some shorter.
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