The imparity before obtain employment
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  • "" of equality of person of legal face forefathers, are this equal before that obtain employment? Of course, this and also ought not to not be us a word can control. The desire is good, reality often is brutal.
    Original, labor is the citizen's right; Obtain employment, be the people's livelihood is essential. But, in recent years a variety of evidence since show, the " of discrimination of " obtain employment in play chess of rich of both sides of supply and demand of general consist in has become people " cannot evasive topic " . And need not say recessive, light is open " obtain employment discrimination " cans be found everywhere discriminate against like height: Height of " female requirement was installed when some units invite applications for a job 1.6 meters of above, male requirement height the limitative clause of " of 1.7 meters of above; Appearance discrimination: Some units are when invite applications for a job judge people with their appearance, sight of appearance be a hindrance to person be washed out when interview, and a few handsome male beautiful female be left; Discrimination of registered permanent residence: "Registered permanent residence of blame this locality does not want " , "" of census register doorsill is the identity discrimination of one hundred percent; Age discrimination: A few units are right to apply for a job person the age made limitation, established "35 year old the age doorsill of the following " , be aimed at personnel of "40, 50" especially; Disease discrimination: A few contract certain disease (for instance small 3 this world) to apply for a job person when apply for a job time and again the example of be rebuffed already common occurance; School discrimination: "Undergraduate of blame famous brand does not cast resume " , " please we enrol normal college graduate only, school of run by the local people is taken no account of. "The person that this makes have ability and insight more quite lost working chance; Experience discrimination: Eager for quick success and instant benefit of a few units, do not wish to spend groom capital, the person that hit a " to have working experience in succession is preferential the condition of invite applications for a job of " ; Become " of " buyer's market in unit of choose and employ persons today, it is an undergraduate not just, other to apply for a job person also often be discriminated against " by " obtain employment, encounter sundry obtain employment doorsill, reason is multifarious sometimes absurd even absurdity.

    "Obtain employment discriminated against " to reflect a kind of of the society blundering mentality, also had caused a series of social harm. All sorts of discrimination phenomena, enroach on to apply for a job person the right of fair competition and equal obtain employment, the loss that to its mentally causes cannot cicatrization, he forms a kind of extreme unsatisfactory probably to the society, return the abnormal state of mind of the person that can bring about a few to apply for a job, if graduate of a few colleges nots hesitate,expenditure weighs golden face-lifting, heighten, reduce weight, "Borrow a boat to go to sea " draws near " is big " , make for to apply for a job all over skill, a few what do not give a shop sign by constant manage is additional means of kind of to apply for a job also emerge as the times require; On certain level twist and the fairness that destroyed a labour market are mixed orderly, some makes the excuse of fraud of practise favouritism of unit of choose and employ persons even, make " not stick to one pattern falls talent " became an empty talk. In addition, the illegal member that discrimination of discrimination of record of formal schooling, registered permanent residence gave the evidence that make a holiday with an opportunity given by, bring about make, traffic false papers activity rampant.
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