How does day endowment enterprise test a talented person?
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  • Whether does an enterprise fill lease of life, manage efficiently normally, the evaluation is step of very important human affairs management. The electric equipment below the pine (China) company president Zhang Zhongwen thinks, the core of the evaluation is process management, it is to inspected index how to much finish not only, how much does sale achieve. The beginning of the year leaves index, the practice of year end business accounting, day endowment enterprise is not used commonly.

    Evaluating an object basically is decision-making layer, management layer is mixed executive layer, it is to managing the evaluation of the layer among them important one annulus. Many day endowment the enterprise is to managing a layer from the following 5 respects undertake assess and evaluating: ☆ command force is in day endowment enterprise, whether does evaluation administrator have command power, basically see him can make a plan, whether do all management build this branch to go up in beforehand management. Pencil and rubber are used in the office on the world allegedly most is day endowment enterprise, administrator wants to be revised ceaselessly. I once asked a pine the administrator of next companies what to is management in Japan, he thought very long say: "Make a plan namely. "Make a plan namely..
    Foreknow force

    Again good various problems also can be encountered in planning to carry out, a good administrator must have problem consciousness. If ask a branch the manager to this job still has what problem, his answer says: "Be at ease, what problem was done not have. " that lets a person not be at ease really.

    Below the pine (China) the predecessor director of the company ever was in for a long time Songxiaxingzhi works below assistant, pass greatly on administrative style really below the pine, he often says: "Catch fire " know to seek basin water, what person can be accomplished, and the responsibility of controller depends on not " catch fire " .
    Harmonious coordinate force

    Peaceful course is between departmental door, peaceful course can cooperate actively, it is the important level that checks middle-level administrator to whether have level of management. The administrator of two peaceful course encounters a problem to always let ranking adjudication, did not coordinate the show that coordinates force namely.

    Our company once had an administrator to work very hard, but this person has a characteristic is to take valuable data to arrive with respect to the lock in the drawer, would rather come home sometimes work overtime to also do not wish to share a data in the office and everybody. Of course this individual was dismissed. Modern society competition is intense, without the action of the group, what thing is done bad. The enterprise faces the market of constant change now, across is between person and person, branch and branch, dynamic, aperture appears among, do not have those who reach the designated position certainly, need everybody to fill actively cooperate, resemble playing volleyball.
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