Interview skill schedule
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  • Good job 9 element

    1. Produce your specialty
    2. Suit your individual character and life style
    3. Let you think and grow
    4. Pay you and value proportional salary
    5. Have the working environment of the individual character with you, lifestyle and conform to of viewpoint of value
    6. A lot of ideas that manage layer and you are consistent
    7. Those who be engaged in is the industry that you trust and supports
    8. Admit and appreciate the contribution that you make
    9. The enterprise that is helpful for you develops those who reach fame to build

    Interview person 5 affairs that investigate carefully

    1. Your technology and real work ability
    2. Your individual character and manner
    3. Your intercourse ability
    4. Your latent capacity
    5. Interview person the feeling to you

    The boss asks today you

    01. Know yourself -- your ability and value
    02. Innovate ceaselessly in the job
    03. Can adapt oneself to changing circumstances
    04. Understand and can appreciate the distinct personality of people
    05. Try new method actively
    06. Be willing to hold several duty concurrently personally
    07. Can operate computer
    08. It is a service model talent
    09. Value human concern
    10. The business that knows how the international market gives you the seat brings an influence (conduce to the language culture with other understanding)
    11. Ego drive, be full of self-confidence
    12. Adventruous
    13. Dedicated take advanced courses at develop and continueing
    14. Have cooperative mind
    15. High level strict requirement, strive the first
    16. Have proper moral level

    5 let you be in the thing of stand-in

    1. Make an investigation: What is the business of the company? Who is the boss? Their management philosophy and culture setting, history and finance state roughly how?
    2. The monetary reward range that knows this to give for company place all the time and you deserved how many
    3. Take your authenticator
    4. Your answer and problem want a kind to mirror instead " what can I do for you " manner
    5. Reason of the good qualities to you, professional, to apply for a job and target know sth like the palm of one's hand

    The 4 paces that explain main essential factor practice

    The first pace: The advantage that knows you -- you most be good at, the most skilled skill
    The 2nd pace: The thing that draws up you know -- you counteract the knowledge that gains in life experience in the job
    The 3rd pace: The reason that explains your to apply for a job -- say a fact only, do not add emotional element, also do not say you want what to cast off
    The 4th pace: The end that places you -- the contribution that the development way that describes you and you will make

    How to give up prejudice, remove doubt

    1. List ideal applicant should have some quality, experience and individual character
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