Delicacy of interview of renown look forward to enrols happen frequently
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  • Scene imitate interview

    Shanghai is general when interview, according to the post that applicant may hold the position of, work out the test project of similar of an as actual as this post condition, the person that be checked arrangement is in simulative, distinct work environment, all sorts of problems that requirement testee processing may appear, check its psychology quality with this, capacity of ability of capacity of desire of the leadership that observes applicant, leader, organization, initiative, oral expression, self-confident degree, communication ability, human truck. Shanghai is general on the choose that returns a scene imitate to popularize pair of skilled worker, if pass the assembly of gear to practice, the address sex, consecution sex of quality awareness, operation and behavior are used to the movement that evaluates applicant. Bad of what actor what, entirely different.

    Talk about severance pay first

    As a result of American economy near future not scene, the report that the company closes down sees Zhu Baoduan time and again, unemployment rate also achieves 6 years to come top level, the person much portion that this has to make seek the job is careful, when people is being applied for mostly against a rainy day, remain a rout of retreat to oneself first, place severance pay on the desktop to talk clear first before signing a contract. According to " now the United States " report, applicant is when interview, severance pay is the same as salary, alms and holiday to wait same, also become crucial negotiation content, american online invite applications for a job serves a company recent investigation to also show, the to apply for a job of 60 % person think, severance pay of the Tan Qing when interview is very important.

    Change next conservative dress

    Interview of demand of American southwest airline person must take off conservative dress. Walk on when change of applicant business suit come when to apply for a job, the staff member of responsible interview tells them, want to attend interview to must change those conservative dress. Singlet and knickers can be bought in company shop. Go off in a huff of a few applicant, another some of person wants do in Rome as Rome does. "I do not hope my employee is inanimate. " company president Kaileer says: "If who is willing relaxed and lively, he can go to other company working. He can go to other company working..

    Subordinate interview boss

    Traditional consuetudinary it is boss and subordinate borderline trenchant, boss is very few and advertent the viewpoint of subordinate, but of Taiwan grand base computer patriarch Shi Zhenrong initiated however " try below on " practice, it is namely when employee of invite applications for a job, allow subordinate interview boss. In fact, to apply for a job person the prospective boss that cares oneself more, explain he is thicker to the interest of the enterprise.

    Deliver resignation letter first

    Interview while, give in letter of a resignation first, this is Germany runs quickly the practice of the company, company president Werner says: Carry resignation letter, the motive of the person that can know to apply for a job better. Interview delivers resignation letter first, to new employee of future, can enhance crisis consciousness.
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