Mystery of bright dispatch invite applications for a job is excellent
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  • What kind of talented person does bright dispatch need? In China bright dispatch has two apparent differences, a research that is shellfish Er lab develops personnel, one is market sale and administrator. The invite applications for a job of bright dispatch does not have written examination, unless be,become administrator.

    The program of invite applications for a job of bright dispatch divides a value to change, the target is very specific. The key that make an on-the-spot investigation has two sides: One kind is special skill, for example the major that official of be in charge of an examination may care applicant and working setting and experience, the technical ability that you have to the job that applies for. With respect to these respect be in charge of an examination the official can ask a few questions, and dozen of branch that every problem can have 3 order and degree. Another very important the culture measure behavior that inspecting a value is bright dispatch: GROWS, see applicant whether can get used to the culture of bright dispatch, bright dispatch considered culture priority when invite applications for a job. GROWS is told simply is 5 respects, g grows a notion on behalf of the whole world, r delegate pays attention to a result, o delegate pays close attention to client and competitor, w delegate opens the working place with diversity, s represents rate. Differ in 5 respect, official of be in charge of an examination can ask different question likewise, how is for instance you encounter difficulty in working before handled, you fall to sign sheet successfully to wait a moment in the case that has competition. How you still raise your working rate, how to become group leader. The meeting when each individual interview has two interview official, they can be inside each interlocution annotation and make component. Examinee may is by mark the advantage is clear, the likelihood labels groom certainly for need, the likelihood labels for inadequacy, final interview official meets those who carry these inquiry to make component, make skill experience dispenses GROWS hit cent to fill in matrix of invite applications for a job, will decide whether you accord with the requirement of bright dispatch.

    Bright dispatch is what this kind of its test says behavior and skill test. When enrolling a this year's graduates, the circumstance can differ somewhat. Bright dispatch can let the speech that the this year's graduates uses English to do 45 minutes, this is very hard toll-gate. The speech can reveal a lot of problems. If apply for technical position, bright dispatch can let the task that applicant has made technically in the light of him, have the speech of technical respect. The invite applications for a job of bright dispatch has a scientist to attend commonly, this is them the special appellation to technologist of shellfish Er lab. This kind of interview can have two scientists and in a school class of a researcher, inspect the knowledge of applicant technology domain. Behavior test basically is to them experience undertook behavior credit analyse in the past, will judge the integrated quality of a person, ponder over ability for example, analytic ability, communication ability, and consciousness and mood characteristic. Official of be in charge of an examination has the inquiry of a few standards, the interview of half hour, note the problem that how he produces reexamination examine before processing. What kind of answer hits 2 minutes, what kind of answer hits 3 minutes, the total cent of final action and skill interview is become whether the basis of employ, through matrix special show clearly come.
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