Shanghai general motors (SGM) invite applications for a job is politic
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  • Limited company of Shanghai general motors (SGM) it is Shanghai auto industry (group) head office and company of American general motors are joint-stock built car produces a business, be up to now one of our country's biggest Sino-US joint ventureses.

    The target of SGM is to become the Motor Corporation that home has competition ability on banner, international. Top-ranking enterprise, need first-rate employee team. Accordingly, how to build the employee team of a high quality, it is the first issue that Sino-US collaboration both sides cares very. At the same time the development distant view of SGM and target fixed position also are destined its are right the high demand of employee quality: Have good mastery of a skill or technique and administrative ability not only, and have conspicuous ego drive, ego study even ability, get used to ability, communication ability and group collaboration spirit. Want to be in a very short time, choose of honestly invite applications for a job configures each post to the employee of high quality, it is a major challenge undoubtedly to SGM.

    "It is with the person this " public invite applications for a job is politic

    "Not be control, provide a service however " the characteristic that this is function of ministry of SGM manpower resource, also be the remarkable distinction with function of branch of traditional occurrences in human life.

    Above all, according to the strategy that the company develops and tenet, establish deliver " it is with the person this " the guiding ideology that the concept regards invite applications for a job as. SGM is in the process of employee of invite applications for a job, below the premise that holds to two-way choice, special still attention the be identical of two-way demand of applicant and company. Applicant must agree with the tenet of the company and 5 core viewpoint of value: It is center, safe, group with the client collaboration, sincere letter is just, ceaseless improve with innovation. In the meantime, the demand that the value of high administrative levels of development of ego of mature also applicant and self-fulfilment realizes the company, the development that is employee as far as possible offers good chance and condition.

    Next, according to the development of the company plan and production build plan, make draw plan of employee of the invite applications for a job that use formula, from the organization of the company the effective demand of post of structure, departmental door sets out, cent administrative levels, measure ground carries out invite applications for a job. The ground floor that reached to divided a pace to carry out administrator of senior to the workshop administrator, engineer of sectional manager, backbone, service and each major engineer, workshop section to grow in June 1998 in July 1997 second plan of invite applications for a job; To October 1999 cent pace is carried out by 1998 long to team and group, one makes jockey support of the people maintain labour, engineer the plan of invite applications for a job of the 2nd administrative levels; The job of invite applications for a job that 2 are made and three-shift system produces personnel and pull the production that use formula to plan synchronism to undertake.
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