How does Yahoo hire a person
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  • Although Internet grows time very short, but pull however close the distance between person and person, lifted an information upsurge, created many obtain employment opportunities, the friend that allows trade of IT of be wrapped up in can exhibit a strong point.

    Is the path of the choose and employ persons that regards the whole world as well-known Yahoo company how?

    Manager of division of Yahoo Hong Kong expresses, step the friend of sufficient IT course of study, besides having computer knowledge, more important have group mind even, have innovation idea and sureness to work for our company, do not find new job again and again in order to exchange large interest.

    Know communicate with the person, enterprise talent is flourishing; Have innovation idea, website ability develops.

    Yahoo thinks, IT course of study boom, it is one has go the qualitative, profession that has perspective, many companies all beg ability to be like thirsty, yahoo is not exceptional also. But should retaining suitable person with ability is very of lot of be particular about, can encounter cannot beg, be just as Bai Leneng to deny finding a horse that covers a thousand li a day is to need to pay attention to " good luck " .

    Yahoo Hong Kong is uptodate have 30 much people only, every colleague should hold much duty concurrently personally, workload is gotten greatly breathtaking, the company is uptodate hire hand urgently also, but a lot of moment should invite a person to often cannot be found however, not was free instead when be short of, met suitable person selected however, occasionally so can stretch processing invites Yahoo matters concerned, invite first make arrangement again, because employee is the main asset of the company.

    Although Yahoo invites the staff that joins IT industry newly rarely, but can cooperate with school or orgnaization sometimes, hold a few items, if the company is uptodate,invited worker worker of digital summer vacation time, let have fun at the classmate that devotes into this group course of study has an opportunity to learn.

    In fact, the stuff that even if has experience often also should play groom, because information science and technology grows at a tremendous pace, almost everyday all strange thing happens...

    The path of the choose and employ persons of Yahoo tells us, the people that pursues IT trade cannot too nearsightedness, find new job again and again in order to exchange large interest, behoove sureness works. Want to agree hard only, believe the company also meets a person use up its of ability. This company to this day have not prediction of a person's luck in a given year is " high pay and find new job " employee.

    Every is engaged in the friend of course of study of information science and technology purposely, want to have knowledge of substantial information science and technology above all, experience of a few work, still get fine of Chinese and English all, so that undertake communicate and be contactinged external internally, additional, have group mind even, because Internet needs to communicate, also need innovation idea, ability promotes the development of the website. Each other buckles each its link to tighten, take seriously very much be communicated with the person and contact.
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