King stone talks about president of 10 thousand divisions: How choose talent
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  • Ask: Are you with what kind of standard to come of choose talent? Your new personality Chen Zhiping is electrical engineering one's previous experience so, are you how to discover bold promote him?

    Wang Shi: 10 thousand divisions are system of a management, it is now inside the high level of 10 thousand divisions, I discover a lot of both neither, also I am not promoted, because formed a system of a cadre, have invite applications for a job already, groom, use, examine such system, the old annals of body is smooth a moment ago, should be the electrician that the property of project of the first real-estate runs 10 thousand divisions, by the manager of the estate development company at that time, gentleman of Yao Wei civilian discovers, education of skill of gentleman of Yao Wei civilian rises. Say to be ashamed, I am very serious the ground and he has talked, it is to carrying him to become group company deputy always when had talked, do not have before had talked formally. Come out in business a few problems when, he often sees when guiding a client to visit a village.

    Ask: You can talk, the relation between your disposition and career? How to handle the relation between this?

    Wang Shi: I look without serious ground from this angle, disposition and career have what kind of concern. Really, among the communication between person and person, the disposition of a person is very special and important, and communicating is to help sb to fulfill his wishes the one part with very important career. The disposition of my this individual should say suit to be communicated with the person not quite. E.g. my this individual it is to belong to wine to meet know thousands of cups little, the word is not congenial half many. So case of one individual character, should like bombastic, resemble be in today between sina and netizen chat, opened like faucet, do not stop. Do not like not to say with respect to a word, the expression of my this individual must earnest, refus person at a thousand li besides, such disposition is very adverse to the career. The disposition of my this individual is additionally bigger, disposition is very easy draw well. Should say to offend a lot of people, also caused the misunderstanding of a lot of people. The person that no matter be,still leaves 10 thousand families in the person of 10 thousand divisions fortunately is evaluated to Wang Shi pretty good. My disposition bad, refus person at a thousand li besides, such expression, why does the family still affirm you? I want to still basically depend on you working hammer and tongs, and you have certain capacity, have certain judgement capacity, this is on one hand. But, I feel mere this respect is insufficient. Another, although you are bad-tempered, but you stem from fair heart to treat others. This is very important.

    Be told for example as controller, I hold 3 principles. The first, decision-making, it is the thing is done do not do, wang Shi will decide this, become otherwise president, general manager with respect to neglect one's duty. The 2nd, want to who do to do, it is the problem of choose and employ persons. The 3rd, he once err, you assume responsibility, no matter he is what reason err, you assume responsibility. This is the principle of my controller. Very simple, your put sb in a very important position he, his err, he already with reverence and awe, you are OK two kinds of manners, your disappoint my accredit, I trust you, you do the business was bungled. This is a kind of manner, not be my manner. My manner is your err, not be your responsibility, it is my responsibility. Because head first the business that he does not fit to do, you trust he lets him do, this is the problem that you servantchoose a person for a job, responsibility depends on you, and do not depend on him. A moment ago the netizen asks about my disposition and career to have what concern, I feel, the relation is not very big. Your temperament is a bit better, a bit more bad-tempered, but if you are not good at communicating, it is to meet very be in an unfavorable situation, more important, want above all on the career able, this is very important.
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