Choose and employ persons of the manager that achieve dimension is enrolled quit
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  • A few days ago, huang Hongsheng of boss of the group that achieve dimension says frankly, in achieve dimension, if man of 30 years old of above did not marry to be obtained very hard promote. Huang Hongsheng thinks, marry the social sense of responsibility that reflected a person, if the man arrived 30 years old,had not married probable have a problem. He listed 3 reason:

    Above all, this kind of person does not have sense of responsibility to restrain, issued a class to was not placed, much evening goes back also nobody canal. Can have a family to differ, the feeling in marriage is restricted one kind namely.

    The 2nd, he may be a few righter problem too idealism, cannot find a wife all the time so, cannot accommodate others, earned money to obtain achievement to also do not wish to be shared with the person, also can say he does not have the heart with big gain, how do this become a leader?

    The 3rd, the important task that marries to be able to have those who develop next generation, if develop next generation,he does not like, how can he foster assistant then, promote assistant?

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