Experience of interview of renown look forward to talks: Drive into Intel early
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  • The person that tell about: Miss S (the age: 26 years old, position: Manager)

    From this year the last ten-day of a month will come in October next year 3, April, meeting general is in a campus invite applications for a job that accepts each university spreads out on Shanghai. Actually, campus invite applications for a job can be not graduate of this year's college to enter the only way of 500 powerful firms. Miss S of the graduation 3 years ago is in namely after missing campus invite applications for a job to meet, apply for those who enter Intel.

    On October 18 afternoon, miss S comes to editorial office, told about interview to enter the experience of Intel: "Oneself cast resume to apply for me, interview succeeds smoothly. Rise from assistant after be a manager, I ever also had become interview officer, had thorough knowledge to the system of interview of invite applications for a job of Intel. The system of interview of invite applications for a job of Intel is quite unique... "

    3 years ago, I am finance of university of Shanghai some key kind professional this year's graduates, as a result of a few individual reasons, begin to apply for a job till the ability at the beginning of May, right now campus invite applications for a job can fall already next heavy curtain. I see on the net Intel Shanghai company is facing assistant of manager of this year's unripe invite applications for a job, of set apply for him condition to be accorded with, give out with Mail apply for letter and resume.

    After a month, received the telephone call of Intel. This one the middle of a month, I attended interview a few times, took the Offer of company of an United States, but I still am expecting Intel, the hope can enter this world-renowned big company to work.

    English closes: If phone test answer flows

    Those who make a telephone call is not the HR of Intel, however an assistant young lady that I apply for a branch. She quizs with English, those who ask is groovy problem, want English pass a barrier to reply not hard only.

    She described the position demand of manager assistant in detail with English, ask whether I apply for this position really, free tax zone of because the company is outer tall bridge, traffic is not quite convenient, run in vain when lest interview -- , she states formal employee commutes car having a plant is received send. Although not be,I express to learn to manage major with English, but have Interest particularly to supervising the work -- , beforehand the company culture that I understand Intel is to take employee seriously the Interest to the job, emphasized this particularly so. Phone test undertook 20 minutes, assistant young lady expresses satisfaction to my English conversation ability, make an appointment with me to go to a company attending interview after 2 days.

    Experience talks: Imtel is loving and this year's unripe

    When the phone checks, affirm to me apply for position this one detail, be Intel human nature change invite applications for a job reflect.
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