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  • Interview, it is the square field surface of comprehensive check applicant, this kind of check is that 30~40 in formal interview not only minute, all sorts of means can let interview official add examination questions finally together to you.

    Case of duty field interview one:

    An Li is a sale able person, young when, work wind wind fire, with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, the person is fierce also, flat and agile. But, this year she 31 years old, already did not have gradually in those days glamour, the career begins downhill, have bit of ability not equal to one's ambition even, see the boss also always does not give raises, jumped with respect to abdication groove, the result arrived on duty field, just know, the boss does not give the reason of raises, run around here and there through 3 months, other employer saw why her this age, also give a low. This ability feels An Li oneself true on sale field person is old bead fizzle out not to know money, then, also be forced to leave to oneself it is under 3K. This day she applied for a small company, what both sides talks is very good, but, did not speak of wage issue, former employer very the sale ability that admires An Li and eloquence, but the disposition that also worries about her. An Li also wants to work in this company very much, after interview, insufferable, mentioned salary problem with QQ and boss that evening, the boss asks her: "Do you prepare to the salary standard of how many accept? "2.8K of " at least! "Get admissive in boss heart, but say: "I still cannot understand your ability completely now, need the try out of a month, this one month, basic wage 1.8K, add deduct a percentage from a sum of money to also can reach your level. "An Li listens fly into a rage, shut QQ at that time, be absent respond a boss, of course, the boss also need not respond her again.

    Grand power professional adviser analyses:

    In the company, often have a few stuff, working capability is very strong, but, individual character and disposition are very strong also, refuse to obey day day, act on one's own, let what the boss stays have a headache, those who abandon is aching. This kind of applicant discovers in interview, want to have test one time to disposition of course, borrow talk about salary to see disposition, this is a boss one plan, anli as it happens is trapped, fall into trap. Well-advised practice is as patient as the boss negotiation or courteous rejection. And should not put out QQ at that time, give a person sense of not courteous, underbred, oneself also are defeated to add examination questions in last.

    Case of duty field interview 2:

    After Hou Jie finds new job, sent a few resume, just take interview chance, this company is manpower resources advisory company, interview method also extraordinary, besides the answer the problem still has the evaluation that makes about 3 hours on computer to inscribe, after interview ends, let them be in two days in wait for an announcement. Because Hou Jie has done a year of much manpower resource to work, HR is his name row in list of enrollees, after waiting to study with the boss, come down surely. The following day afternoon, the Hou Jie with agog mood phones a company to say: "Company collection does not admit us to have nothing to do with, whether give us evaluation as a result? "The HR arris that pick up the telephone, tell him genially: "Evaluating a result is the company uses choose talent only, do not give an individual. "Hou Jie complements again one: "Collection do not admit us to have nothing to do with, I want to evaluate a result only, evaluated 3 many hours because of me! "Drop a telephone call, HR takes out list of enrollees, crossed Hou Jie's name.
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