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  • We are more important in modern life is formal problem, dress dresses up, bearing the way one speaks or what he says, temperamental demeanour, civilized courtesy, without the figure that affecting you, deciding your future and destiny. Because behavior is decent, interview gained an opportunity, this opportunity is working opportunity also be study opportunity, you will increase your capacity ceaselessly in the job. Conversely, if be not paid attention to on duty field formal, original and very good opportunity, because the likelihood behaves the certain error of words and deeds, fail interview, bring about all one's life machine come no longer.

    Grand power professional adviser case: Rice listens to a person to say obtain employment is not easy when beautiful jade university, a lot of resume were sent before graduating so, but disappear forever, without the result. With great difficulty longs to come later two interview opportunity, but, coach because of making interview, interview gave an issue. Oneself feel obviously pretty good, can not pass namely. Find then grand power professional adviser undertakes advisory, just know to there are a lot of knowledges inside this, added interview to coach again after doing professional career to plan then, be opposite from A to Z before interview, all requirements after interview process, interview, practice and problem were made all-around coach, undertook in the light of major and position setting trains again. There was a background in the heart when interview again, state of mind is first-rate also, dye-in-the-wood, face takes hope gentle of smile, mood, answer freely, not only carry interview smoothly, the eye that still gets interview official speaks favorably of and nod. Mi Lin is extremely glad, because of the attitude of the person that she uses professional to apply for a job eventually, in numerous competitor clever and piece, entered a well-known foreign capital company, in the classmate most found first appropriate oneself job.

    Grand power professional adviser analyses:

    Interview, take an exam face to face namely, who is known formal, who is taken add try cent, who takes tall fraction easily, who most pass first, who most take the first pail of gold first. You are about in process of whole hair resume, interview complete set is professional, such ability beat rival, to apply for a job is successful. So, in interview process, is what should notice formal what be?

    One, time idea is the first problem

    Time keeping is a of professional morality main demand, ahead of schedule 10-15 minute attain interview place result optimal, can be familiar with condition of one runner band, stabilize mind. Ahead of schedule half hours of above arrives can be regarded as to do not have time idea, but be late when interview or be cursory arriving is deadly however, if your interview is late, so no matter you have what reason, also can be regarded as to lack ego management and tie capacity, lack professional capacity namely, the person that give interview leaves very bad impression. Without giving thought to what reason, attend a meeting behindhand the figure that affects oneself, this is one is opposite person, right him valued problem. And the interview of big company often one secondary arranges a lot of people, was late a few minutes, probable forever with this company just miss the opportunity, because this is the first problem of interview, your cent is worth by subtract, from the back because of,you also are met condition not beautiful and do be bungled.
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