Successful interview is stuck person interview becomes a jewel surely
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  •  One, safe interview notice

    1 . Understand the main setting of be recruited company.

    2. Relatives and friends tells the journey now first before interview.

    3. Interview place is unfavorable too concealed is close.

    4. Content of specific understanding job and product.

    5. The Id when interview, diploma and seal are unfavorable hand in grant the other side.

    6. The person that need to capture trains charge or buy goods first, do not be duped.

    7. Sign bond to want discretion, must see well first content, after answering an ask for instructions, best belt is signed again.

    8. Be like the requirement after admitting to must sell ability of certain amount product to pay salary, ask report to the authorities.

    9. Know its geography environment first to interview place beard.

    10. There is trouble between labor and management to ask after holding a post to concerned mechanism appeal.

      2, interview combat readiness

    1 . Handbag

    2. Prove a file

    3. Personal details watch

    4. Watch

    5. Mobile phone

    6. Interview ground burns a material

    7. Handkerchief, bumf

    8. Stationery, black blue gives priority to ball-point pen

    9. Comb

    10. Mirror

    11. Pocket money, phone gets stuck

    12. Small jotter

     3, interview is good makeup play the part of


    1 . The hair is OK o of s e d

    2. Two type suit

    3. Weak makeup, able to read aloud fluently is red

    4. Have shoe following a package

    5. Fingernail wants to decorate

    6. Deserve to act the role of should not be too exaggerative

    7. Filar socks

    The male:

    1 . Light color shirt makes tie

    2. Do not take dangler

    3. Do not leave end to point to

    4. The hair does not grow too

    5. Socks of brunet leather shoes, black cotton

    6. Glasses wants wipe up

     4, the limbs language of interview

    1 . The eyes wants dedicated, honest and cordial

    2. The body does not want hunch

    3. The face brings a smile

    4. Put relaxed, not make a fist, turn pen

    5. The hand does not hold a bosom in the arms

    6. Cannot shake a leg, become warped leg

    7. Your interest to the problem and willing answer are behaved in interview process

    8. Avoid by all means sees watch all the time

     5, to apply for a job notices 8 actor 8 avoid

    8 actor:

    1 . To apply for a job person individual character and morals

    2. Motive of to apply for a job

    3. Individual career goal

    4. Adult rate

    5. Answer ability resource

    6. Critical response

    7. Inferential ability

    8. School success reachs school reputation

    8 avoid:

    1 . Appearance is not whole, the garment is written not beautiful

    2. Devoid ego conveys ability
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