Interview is formal whole strategy
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  • If wish to be on those who admire working station in the heart to need,interview is classics toll-gate. When interview, outside the ability that shows oneself except effort, quality, wear move, gentle style of conversation, easy manner decently, also can add cent for the person many. And these, belong to the category with formal interview.

    Before interview

    ● dress

    The man must put on neat dress, but need not dress up painstakingly. The lady should be worn trimly, bright, too the gem decorations that dingdong makes sound, thick perfume, did not pull straight silk the socks, nail that had not decorated or it is fleeciness hair, enough offsets letter of to apply for a job gives the good impression that takes an examination of an official.

    The key that chooses dress is to see position demand. Apply for bank, government sector, dress deflection tradition is normal; Apply for public relations, fashionable magazine to wait, can taking mount to add some of popular element appropriately. Besides apply for advertisement of recreational movie and TV outside this kind of industry, had better not choose too too abrupt dress. A few students dress up be patient of of this year's graduates angrily, can wear lie fallow kind of suit. In addition when applying for, should not be adorn too much decorations, this takes an examination of government-owned attention easily dispersedly.

    ● time keeping

    Time keeping is the main demand of professional morality, ahead of schedule 10-15 minute attain interview place result optimal. Ahead of schedule half hours of above arrives can be regarded as to do not have time idea, but be late when interview or be cursory arriving is deadly however. No matter you have what reason, be late to also can be regarded as to lack ego management and tie capacity.

    If distance is further, would rather go out earlier, but after arriving early, should not be enter the office immediately, can wait in the coffee hall around.

    In interview

    ● limbs language

    The eyes:

    The look in communication should watch opposite party, but absolutely cannot stare at others to look to death. If more than a person is attendant, often should use look fling someone else, in order to show esteem and equality.


    The hand that tries an official face to face is extended toward you after coming over, handhold it, handclasp should be solid strong, double eye wants orthoptic the other side. Not too exert all one's strength, do not exert all his strength shake; Do not use two hands, look not quite professional in western company with handclasp of this kind of means. The hand ought to be dry, warm. If you just drive interview to the spot, with hand of cold water in a state of excitement, make him keep one's hair on. If control hair is cool, cover with hot water.

    Sitting position:

    Not clingy the back of the chair sits, do not sit full, summary of the body after sitting down is forward bend. General in order to sit of full chair 2/3 advisable. This can let you vacate energy to answer the query that takes an examination of an official easily already, also do not come let you too loosen.
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