The resume of Johnson
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Financial accounting of 10 years manages project
Ego evaluation
•Experience of work of 10 years of financial accountings, the automobile manufacturing industry that includes 3 years among them and; of experience of work of manager of foreign enterprise finance affairs
•Be good at cost controlling, financial analysis, management of goods in stock, circulating fund management andInvestment evaluates;
•; of accountant of finance affairs of perfectness manufacturing industry
•Be familiar with PRC GAAP, IFRS And IAS;
•The computer operates adroitness (ERP, ORACLE, UFIDA Etc. ) , english hears of read write skilled;
•Have responsibility heart of height and group leadership;
•The urge for improvement is strong, nature is good
Record of formal schooling School name Professional Time limits
University undergraduate course College of Anhui grain industry Industrial economy
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