The resume that Liao Shi reads aloud
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2. Development instruction is evaluated, design of product cost analysis, exterior, structure design, mould is checked and accept, design trial-produce, try produce, evaluation.
3. LED and traditional kind of computer scanning lamp, effect lamp, shake the development that wait mixes the headlight, lamp that cast light, lamp that wash a wall improve.
4. To LED and tradition kind lamp act the role ofing comes loose heat up those who have oneself to solve method and thought.
5. Make and perfect new product blueprint, BOM watch, the manual.
6. The follow-up of problem of application of new product patent, relevant attestation.
7. Communicate with production, solve the spot technology problem that discovers in production.
Leave one's post reason:
In November 2002 - in August 2005: 電 of Dongguan new 陽 child limited company
Company property: The foreign trader is solely invested What belong to an industry: Mechanical / equipment / appearance
Place branch: Ministry of research and development Hold the position of a post: Structural stylist
Working description: 1. is plastic the external form that reachs movie theater of woodiness sound box, horn, family and structural design.

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