The resume that Liao Shi reads aloud
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7. Jing Yecheng is believed, humanness kisses and.
8. To machining, computer treatment and processing have stronger knowledge.
9. Budget of research of new product plan, feasibility, cost, platoon period is expressedMake, model of design of new product exterior, model is made, moulding of industry of evaluation of scale of product structure design, assembly drawing, design, plastic hardware makes follow-up, change a pattern, the mould is checked and accept, model of cooperation part beater, project is made, functionTest, try produce, problem analysis is improved.
Record of formal schooling School name Professional Time limits
Three-year institution of higher learning Zhongshan university Administration In March 2007 - up to now
Three-year institution of higher learning Institute of skill of white cloud profession Numerical control technology applies
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