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•Build finance affairs and inside charge an institution, perfect; ceaselessly according to newest wealth tax code
•Administrative circulating fund and cash flow;
•; of forms for reporting statistics of finance affairs of examine and verify
•Work out finance affairs analyses report;;
•Coordinate; of matters concerned of communication wealth tax with the tax authority
•Participate in bank financing arrangements, ; of report of work out financing
•Careful cancel after verification makes workContract, weave the sale analyses report;
•; of annals of work out finance affairs
•Coordinate with other department communicate concern matters concerned; with finance affairs
•Coordinate with local government sector communicate; of matters concerned of concerned wealth tax
•For general manager strategy decision-making provide pertinent informationWith supportive;
•Participate in the formulate; of system of company internal rules
•Coach and groom; of solid Wu of financial staff job
•Control cost cost;
•Manage; of business of imports and exports
•The evaluation investsProject;
•Other general manager hands in the matters concerned that do.
Leave one's post reason: Individual profession develops
In November 2007 - in August 2008: Limited company of Shanghai of information of science and technology of general benefit Si Yamei
Company property: The foreign trader is solely invested What belong to an industry: IT and Internet (the computer)
Place branch: Financial department Hold the position of a post: Manager of Chinese region finance affairs
Working description:
Main job duty:
•Staff budget, include cash to shed budgetary;
•Work out finance affairs analyses report;
•; of forms for reporting statistics of finance affairs of examine and verify

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