The resume that Liao Shi reads aloud
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Classics of design of 8 years of structures, exterior
Ego evaluation
1. In appear on the market ” of company “ Yin Yu inside two years of half timeSuccessfulDevelopmentthe lamps and lanterns such as the lamp of many 30 effect, LED lamp, scanning lamp, lamp that cast light, and have patent application of 6 products success, new to the company old product puts forward multinomial rationalize to build justice put into effect, for the company managing go up ten million yuan cost.
2. To size power LED and dance desk lamp kind products plan is very familiar, understand LED kind product application design, to LED and tradition kind lamp act the role ofing comes loose the settlement that heat energy has him method and thought.
3. Have good marketConcept and cost control capacity, can independent development suits the market or demand for serviceproduct.
4. Use up plastic hardware product of 8 years to design experience actually, in silver-colored rain company the product that designs inside two years of many time opens a model to amount to mould of many 100 plastic, hardware, aluminous material, catered to the need of the market and company.
5. Data of perfectness and plastic hardware, figuration craft and mould are tectonic.
6. Outstanding group collaboration spirit and communicate harmonious ability.

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