High-end human resource services for the U.S. to pave the way Liaoshen bypass
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Chinese and Western's Dr. Wang Shiqing is a famous American community leaders, in 2008 he was employed in the newly added source of Liaoning Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. as Vice President and Senior Consultant doctoral research station. In recent years, he helped the company to introduce overseas high-level personnel 17 people, including 1 academician, Dr 10, Master 6. The talent level of the international advanced technology and modern management concepts, challenges for the company's technology to enhance the level of research and management made a great contribution. Shi-Qing Wang and information advantages of using their own resources, to promote business with Tsinghua University, "sodium sulfur battery" projects in collaboration with Tsinghua University and prepared to research and development of new energy technology center located in Shenyang. Sodium sulfur battery with a charging time, long life, no pollution, raw materials, if used as power electric vehicles, can run 10-11 hours on one charge and can be recharged nearly 2 million times, and no emissions of harmful substances. The project has a broad market space for development, is expected in 2011, commercial operations. Meanwhile, Shi-Qing Wang of the initiative, the Chinese in California, "Northeast Association" with the private entrepreneurs in Liaoning Economic Association Committee established friendly relations and contribute to various projects Butt 7. In recent years, Shi-Qing Wang frequently to and from the United States and between the development of Liaoning and Shenyang offer advice and made outstanding contributions.