Conference on International Exchange of Hong Kong Macao additional sections o
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2010 China International Talent Exchange Conference was officially opened today, except for the first time this year, moved to the General Assembly of the North American OCS, the Hong Kong, Macao, Shenzhen will continue to add sections, will be ushered in 82 Taiwanese organizations, 98 representatives of Taiwan, and Taiwan as well as organizations and on behalf of the General Assembly last year the number was significantly expanded. This year, the General Assembly will highlight the top ten highlights, including a sharp rise over previous years as well as organizations, "a hard to find," even occur to "grab" digital phenomenon. The General Assembly decided to expand the scale, from the Convention Center, Hall 1 to add 2, Hall 5, then the temporary new Hall 3, with an area of 30,000 square meters from the original to 6 million square meters. Hong Kong, Macao additional plate is held in the General Assembly moved to Shenzhen, a major highlight. 3 years, more than 200 exhibitors in Hong Kong; Conference on International Exchange last year, first set up the Taiwan Pavilion, the reporter learned from the organizing committee, the General Assembly this year, Taiwanese organizations participating enthusiasm remains high, registration active. Committee selected from 82 organizations in Taiwan, 98 to go to Taiwan on behalf of the object as an invitation to participate in the fair in Shenzhen, Taiwan, the number of participating institutions and representatives of the General Assembly last year has significantly expanded. Meanwhile, the organizing committee pre-preparation, for the first time in the Conference on International Exchange mainland and Taiwan organizations in many provinces successfully docked project. It is reported that Taiwan Pavilion to promote cross-strait institutions to reach a total of 15 projects and cooperation in the successful docking, the 15 cooperation projects were from Beijing, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Fujian and Taiwan city agencies docking. High-profile delegation participating provinces and cities, Shenzhen Forum heavy guests gathered, Shenzhen Pavilion a strong, unified Ministry of Education, University organized the first exhibition, high-end talent intermediary brand has become the collective appearance one of the highlights of the conference. At the same time, the conference will first set up "intelligence to the west" and "Zhangchun Heng (Zhang Chunheng) 14:35:19 Intelligence Yuanjiang" exhibition, displaying the results and key west Introducing talents talent from overseas projects. Successfully held in the United States OCS for the first time the North American implant the General Assembly, will be to attract overseas students studying in more than 50 organizations, more than 600 overseas students came to high-level participants.