Data of individual of the introduction in letter of to apply for a job is common
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  • A Useful Glossary For Personal Data
    Data of individual of A Useful Glossary For Personal Data(is commonly used vocabulary)
    In of Name full name. Inch

    Ft of Pen Name pseudonym. Foot

    Alias alias Street street

    Mr. Gentleman Road road

    Area of Miss Miss District

    Ms (young lady or madam) House Number doorplate

    Mrs. Madam Lane alley, alley

    Height of Age age Height

    Weight of Weight of Bloodtype blood type

    Address address Born is born at

    Birthday of Birthday of Permanent Address permanent address

    Province saves Birthdate to give unripe date

    Birthplace of City city Birthplace is nodded

    Telephone call of house of County county Home Phone

    Phone of office of Prefecture zone Office Phone

    Phone of office of Business Phone of Autonomous Region municipality

    Nationality nation; Citizenship Current Address is current address

    Citizenship citizenship Date Of Birth gives unripe date

    Zip code of Postal Code of Native Place native place

    Marital status of Marital Status of Duel Citizenship dual nationality

    Married of situation of Family Status family is marriedSingle maiden Divorced leaves other

    Separated lives apart number of children of Number Of Children

    Healthy state of Health of Health Condition healthy state

    Excellent (the body) admirable Short-sighted is myopic

    Id of Far-sighted far-sighted ID Card

    Date Of Availability but member of Membership of take office time, qualification

    Vice-chairman of President chairman Vice-president

    Standing director of Director director Standing Director

    Society learns Association association

    Seminar of Secretary-general secretary-general Research Society

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