Teach you how to follow boss communication with English
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  • 1. Application license

    Wouldn"t It Be Possible For Me To Take The Day Off This Friday?

    (This Friday, whether can I rest one day false? Whether can I rest one day false??

    Please off with Takethe Day Off. If be two days of above,use Days Off. The boss promises very can flatly to say That"ll Be OK, or be to you can contain vinegary imply to answer Will Everything Be All Right? (do everything arrange be in order? ) , these should see you at ordinary times the job is behaved and decide.

    2. Offer

    I Think We Need To Buy A New Copier. (I think we need to buy a new copycat)

    Speak on sentence before, must show Our Copying Machine Has Broken Down Again. (copycat be out of order) in order to serve as the basis of draft resolution. A few more polite offer, be like I Would Suggest We Buy A New Copoer with Suggest.

    3. Express to understand the directive of boss

    Yes, of Course. (be, I knew)

    Usable also I Understand (I understood) , or Yes, right Away (go doing on good horse) , say OK to boss, or All Right is impertinent. Very busy when, say I"m Sorry, but I"m Busy Now. Could I Do It Later?

    4. Confirm the content that boss indicates

    Yor Did Say Next Tuesday At 2:00 P.M. , didn"t You? (you are to say to be in next Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, ? )

    Anything must affirm. If the other side is a foreigner more want such. On sentence also can say Let Me Confirm straight from the shoulder

    (let me confirm time and date)

    5. The report discusses a result

    I Had A Feeling He Was In Favor Of The Plan. (I feel he endorses that plan)

    Remember I Have A Feeling (that) ... (I feel... ) , reach... (That) He Was Against The Plan. (He rejects that plan) these two words very the canal is used.

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