How to explain with English your job is experienced
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  • Explain the job experiences Stating Your Work Experience

    1.Held A Post Concurrently In Zhongxing CPA. From December, 1998 To May, 1999. And Mainly Worked On Evaluating Project Finance And Made Up Cash Flow Tables.

    Came to was in resurgence accountant office to hold two or more posts concurrently in May 1999 in November 1998, the market research of the staff analysis that basically undertakes flow meter of financial evaluation, cash and industry and dog research.

    2. Assistant To The General Manager Of Shenzhen Petrochemical Industrial Corporation Ltd. .Handled The Itinerary Schedule Of The General Manager. Met Clients As A Representative Of The Corporation. Helped To Negotiate A $5, 000, the Corporation of   of 000 Deal For.

    Shenzhen is petro-chemical assistant of group Inc. general manager. The trip bussiness trip that arranges general manager plans schedule. As the company the delegate interviews a client. Assisted a company to conclude brushstroke 5 million beauty trade roundly.

    3. Secretary To President Of Silverlion Group Corporation Ltd. . Responsibilities: Receiving Visitors, scheduling Meetings, taking And Typing Dictation, writing Routine Letters And Reports.  

    Silver-colored Lilaiji is round secretary of limited company president. Duty: Recieve caller, arrangement the conference, note and type, write daily letter and report.

    4. Public Relations Girl At Guangzhou Holiday Inn. Full-time In Summers, part-time During School.

    Public relations young lady is become in hotel of Guangzhou culture holiday. Summer vacation time is full-time, schooltime holds two or more posts concurrently.

    5. Assistant To Manager Of Accounting Department Of A Joint Venture Enterprise. Analyzed Data And Relevant Financial Statistics, and Produced Monthly Financial Statements.

    The assistant of manager of branch of accounting of a joint ventures. Analyse data and number of relevant and financial statistic, and the financial report that offers every months.

    6. Worked 21 Hours Weekly As A Salesgirl At The Bookstore Of Shenzhen University. Earned 45% Of College Expenses.

    Become in Shenzhen college bookstore salesman, work 21 hours every week, brick 45% of college expenses.

    7. Production Manager: Initiated Quality Control Resulting In A Reduction In Working Hours By 20% While Increasing Productivity By 25% .

    Produce department manager: Introduce quality control, make working duration decreased 20% , and productivity rose 25% .

    8.Practical Summer Experience. Clerked At One-and-One Clothes Store In Charge Of Sales, 1992. Employed At Guangzhou Restaurant As Waitress, 1993.

    The practical experience of summer vacation time. 1992, adding clerk of one clothing store, be in charge of selling. 1993, serve young lady is become in Guangzhou wineshop.

    9. Staff Member Of Shanxi Textiles Import And Export Company. Handled Import Of Textiles From Hong Kong, macao, taiwan. Increased Sales By 25% From 1990 To 1993. Made Frequent Business Trips To These Places To Negotiate With Textile Mills.
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