Letter of English to apply for a job writes a law (1)
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  • One, the format that to apply for a job believes, with word and ceremony
    Letter of to apply for a job is purposeful a kind of when the ground is aimed at unit of different choose and employ persons written self introduction, one page is normally long, write it is a standard with commercial format commonly, divide begin, mix among terminal 3 parts. Part of from beginning to end should notice courtesy, the beginning that believes normally should make self introduction first, be like: Full name, school, place learns major to wait. Intermediate part is text, it is the core that to apply for a job believes, the form is varied, reveal for ego condition commonly, the job is looked into wait for content. It is you first what is the purpose that writes letter of to apply for a job, what is the target? It is to want to win a what kind of particular job; The account that keeps oneself to be interested in pursue this job next, desire that is willing to work to this unit and oneself possess some qualifications; Draw up then or promote your advantage or good qualities, namely your competitive actual strength; Why to talk about you to want to be this orgnaization or company service next? How many do you have to their understanding? The setting that waits for everything and yourself about culture of their product or service, task, company, target, tenet, viewpoint of value and target are relevant the thing of couplet. Suggest in terminal point next the action, means of contact place, contact, and final acknowledgment language. The content of this 3 parts is occupied commonly 3 or 4 paragraphs, the space that can develop originality is exceedingly large, need not defend to the last is regular, can apply neatly. Letter of to apply for a job should part with personal details, the word grows, without the word short, not was necessary the content come again of a resume. The mode that English to apply for a job believes and pattern of letter of Chinese to apply for a job are same.

    2, courteous begin is terminal

    (One) begin language

    1. In Reply To Your Advertisement In Beijing Youth Daily Of December 25, I Respectfully Offer My Services For The Situation.


    You will be in on December 25 " Beijing youth signs up for " publish help wanted, oneself have this cases especially be recruited this position.

    2. Having Heard That The Situation Of Salesman In Your Company Is Vacant. I Wish To Offer My Services For It.

    It is reported your bagman one duty fall vacant, case fully especially be recruited.

    3. I Have Been Told By Mr. John, manager Of The Business Book Publishing, with Whom I Believe You Are Acquainted, that You Are Expecting To Make Some Additions To Your Company In September.

    Say according to director of commercial books press Mr John, you draft this year September employee a certain number of names, oneself plan to attend the functionary be recruited such as this.

    4. So I Must To Say That I Have Long Been Hopeful Of Working For Your Hospital After Graduation, I Am Sure That I Have The Privilege Of Serving In Your Hospital, I Will Greatly Increase My Experience And My Education.
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