Duty field allows the 10 large action that the person feels disgusted
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  • If sea of duty field assimilate to, so have a good swim among them, certainly will wants experience or big or small storm. Let poll ache especially, be afraid is a few inurbane behavior. A few days ago, formal expert Fu Erni teachs society of university of American suddenly Pu Jinsi listed on duty field most the 10 large action of allergy letting a person. Among them, "Duty field is discriminated against " reside head of a list of names posted up.  
    Zhang Xichao of associate professor of college of boreal division big psychology thinks, some people suffer temporarily influence of state of mind, love sees a person with " of " gray eye, plus talking manner carelessly, let a person very easily feel he is looked down on. " Zhang Xichao thinks, give up so probably working enthusiasm, let contradiction grow in intensity.

    Discharging the behavior in second banquet is " drive harum-scarum " , although it happens outside the office, but still can despise for colleague place. If grab colleague contribution to him head; Satiric others; Throw a thing in disorder, spit everywhere; Smoke in blame smoking area; Talk or hatchet man plane is accepted in the conference or send a short message. "The feeling of Chinese office worker is actually same also, also can detest these behavior. " Zhang Xichao tells a reporter.

    The expert points out, current, the inurbane action that sees more in Chinese duty field still has the following kinds: One, demagoguery. Although the fun in the job is not affect the whole, but the claver that hard to avoid is developed to be your life Wei by individual person. Advisory room of psychology of Beijing sunshine Huaren seeks advice from plum of jade of division the Song Dynasty to think, "Hesperian pays close attention to ego quite, dispute of very few a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest; And the Chinese likes to devote into collective in, pay close attention to the thing of others. " 2, meet the person preachs. Song Yumei points out, such person although sometimes jumping-off place is good, but because expressive way is wrong, give a person very easily pressure. 3, destroy ceaselessly person ambition. "Itself of this kind of person is a little self-abased, can carry satiric another person only so, come the taxi enrages him encourage. " Song Yumei says.

    Experience " duty field is inurbane behavior " , be retreat to avoid a conflict still points out face to face? Experts think, the person is on-the-job, want to have a knowledge to oneself above all. Such ability are not controlled by the place of words and deeds of others. Next, if feel behavior of the other side affects you really, do not spit discomfort, so be inferior to looking for a ground of appropriate opportunity mild and indirect to tell him. But be sure to keep in mind, want " wrong to the thing person " .

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