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  • Investigate estimation according to concerning a section, the person that the whole nation has psychogenic disorder occupies total population 10 the left and right sides, the person that there is 25 in the city is put in dominance or recessive psychology crisis, and the white-collar is to comparative among them sockdolager group. Psychological division made Doctor Tian Gong provide many case for us, if you can follow these example check the number,enter, so, like treating a cold, go seeing psychological doctor!

    Problem one: Successful personage more need to adjust psychology

    One is in charge of the vise general manager of the sale, worked 10 years heart and soul for the enterprise, stand finished one's contributions in work. But, he feels " obtain " and " pay " unworthily, compare with general manager photograph especially, psychology is more lopsided, however, he does not have the confidence that work alone again, because of unusual contradiction and this anguish.

    Solve: "White-collar " easier worry of place be waitinged for by human concern issue, mood problem, feeling problem, psychological pressure problem, disposition problem, neurosis. And, these problems cannot be recounted with kin, friend again, also not be to take medicine can solve. So, the help of psychological doctor should be the very main factor in their life.

    Problem 2: White-collar man pressure is greater

    Often can see famous brand car, wear knapsack of card of famous brand suit, nomination " famous brand " man. It seems that they appear very scene, actually the psychology of these white-collar men is bearing enormous pressure.

    Solve: One, the job is mad. Man of a lot of white-collars everyday working hours is as long as 12 hours, and the person's normal working hours is 8 ~ 10 hours, if permanent worker makes 12 hours of above, the bear amount that exceeds body itself badly can generate pressure.

    2, exceeding lose. In the lifetime of everybody, always can suffer lots and lots of as meaning, not be everybody has enough settlement ability, can arise consequently " lose feels " .

    3, intolerable high pressure. Lie for a long time turn white-hot the white-collar man in competitive atmosphere, psychology often extreme nervousness, anguish and disappointment, cause mood free and easy. When the mental pressure that stands this kind of excess load extremely, oneself often are lost with respect to him intangibility accuse force oneself.

    4, domestic crisis. The value between working environment, society environment and domestic member accepts or reject, feeling is cast to be concealed possibly and cause domestic crisis. Although be below the circumstance that does not have conflict reason, pressure also can become of through the family on your head. This makes a lot of white-collar men all day sullen, downhearted, sometimes the mood is fretted, distracted.

    5, disease blow. The disease makes person mind the most easily dejected, some still can lose the confidence of the life. The pressure of the disease comes from at losing the hardship of healthy body, lose rehabilitation confidence.
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