Vigilant profession admits 7 big errors
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  • When you add full horse power to work hard every day, never had thought probably, in oneself the in overflowing free long-distance running meeting of professional career is immersed in a few errors. A lot of people always are in the some day of long-distance running, abrupt feel very tired, stop to look back and forth, or everything what feel oneself as yesterday, never change, or detect once target and ideal even more distant, those who replace is endless mix absently scared. Suddenly turn one's head, ability discovery, the kid that oneself are a wrong path in limit of boundless and indistinct duty so...
    Profession of career of exposed to the sun seeks advice from an orgnaization to develop the discovery after orbit in the occupation that researched hundreds professional personage, the profession that people exists generally develops an error to have 7 kinds big. Every are not so serious probably so deadly, but they are in your professional career very closely associated with each other, of brandish do not go.

    The first blame: Be content with place footfall

    Basically happen in those on-the-job field to roll about long already friends go up personally. In rolling burnish all the year round to drill, once self-confident, adventure, be brave in to explore, after the head that one by one throws. When encountering a bit obstacle, they will be active ground ego decompression, ego is excused, the result looks later, come for years oneself still are in place footfall.

    Mr Chen of foreign enterprise of inaugural Yu Mou, already stayed near 3 years in market department, still can be still insipid, often rise duty raises not to have a predestined relationship with him. Investigate discovery: Actually Mr Chen is not to do not have this ability, it is a lot of moment only the good idea of Mr Chen, good program, be in he himself did not let overrule before the face is reported up, he always fears this meeting makes mistake, that will be highbrow. Same, every time when the group does big Case jointly, mr Chen always evades the project part with be assumed important innocently of purpose, always think pressure is great, concern fails.

    The expert comments on: A lot of people are hit on on-the-job field after spelling period of time, as a result of environmental relation, protect oneself to beg, can become ego shrinks back, underestimate oneself. Psychologist Luo Luomei has said: "A lot of people feel, before the destiny, oneself force is negligible, break existing frame to need extraordinary courage, consequently a lot of people still chose finally to be content with the current situation, such appearing some more comfortable. Be in so current society, ' brave ' antonym already was not ' timid ' , however ' lockstep ' . However ' lockstep ' ..

    The 2nd blame: Love sesame seed throws watermelon

    This blame is very humorous really, look be like only innocent dot just can make, but often we see a lot of people are on the runway of professional career such story is very much. Have partial person even from at the beginning hit with it in professional career choice hand in.
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