3 action teach you to cast off duty field trouble
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  • "Weak point of affairs of human life is like spring dream, favor is small be like Qiu Yun. Favor is small be like Qiu Yun..
    Above although two words are of depict the way of the world, the duty field that uses today, also did not suit to pass again however. Take the writer for, be less than 4 years from duty, however also the meaning of heart repugn tired. Know very well cannot be, and force is difficult already from the heart. Deep Jiu Jiyin, ability discovery is a kind of disease that calls duty field panic is invaded.

    The expert thinks, disease of panic of alleged duty field, it is to show the age is in normally 25 ~ duty field personage of 40 years old, to a kind of angst that him duty field behaves. The main show form of this kind of angst is the panic that waits for a respect to Yo of the age, marriage, fixed position.  

    From the point of the case study of deep administrative levels, main fractionize is the following 3 respects:  

    One, 30 and the age that establish is panicky

    Common saying says, 30 and stand. A lot of people, also the 30 watershed as duty field, if arrived,think 30 or had passed 30, if on-the-job still field is obtained without place behead, that lifetime attempt and accomplish nothing. Everybody is not in duty field however is successful person, because his career was not become and the person of 30 years old of many above feels panicky, they can produce negative psychology, think oneself cannot see future, cannot see a hope, many people deeply oneself prospect worries. After psychologist studies, discover, the person arrives middleaged face the risk that is dismissed by the boss at any time, because of passing 35 years old be repelled by place of information of numerous invite applications for a job, this kind of psychology also cries " 35 years old of phenomena " .  

    2, fish and bear's paw cannot hold concurrently generation marriage Yo is panickily

    Excessive the person at the career, often can appear the negligence to the family. In the hard choice that a few people also struggle in important post course of study all the time or wants family, child, often when render outstanding service and be famous when, perhaps had the method of make the best of both worlds, had missed finish however legitimate Yo is optimal period. To pregnant angst, "Unripe (the child) " expected to had been replaced " litre (duty) " original intention. This kind of phenomenon is in big city of a gleam of is more apparent, be like and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen. Urban life presses muscularity alive now, standard demand is high, the generation below the hope can have higher life quality, often create the situation that fish and bear's paw cannot hold concurrently, also be the main reason that generates marriage Yo panic.

    3, devoid profession plans to cause fixed position panic

    The market economy nowadays, people can have more choices, also can pursue the profession that oneself love. The ancients says: Many not beautiful, where is what meaning? Meaning that is to say gave you too much option often you did not have a choice, you do not know how to choose, the truth of alleged Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. . While people is choosing profession, station freely, also can have unemployment or be opposite when the profession is dissatisfactory, besides pursues a kind of job for a long time, a post, an unusually lucky person that also can let us people the mood that generation is tired of, let do not grow professional career to become originally worry letting a person. The author thinks, produce professional crisis the most possibly have 4 period of time: The 40 years old of or so the crisis of the fixed position crisis that may appear when choose course of study namely, obtain employment rising job that working 5~7 may appear after year, direction crises that appear possibly, rice bowl crisis that passes a likelihood 50 years old to appear, and in these 4 kinds of crises, what make duty field go-between bemused most is " fixed position crisis " .  
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