Affect 8 kinds of investment of lifetime
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  • An Italian adage is called: Let money become our loyal and devoted lackey, otherwise, it can become an imperious and despotic host. Are you the slave of monetary host or money? Happy, concern with fortune, know when you when letting fortune serve for happiness.
    Lead highest investment successfully: House property

    Although house price goes situation is unidentified, up to now, house property still is investment of ordinary common people successful rate is top, most the move investment with experience means. Nevertheless, as all sorts of adjusting control policy come on stage to drop with house price the addition of possibility, house property investment becomes rich, more and more become the past event that duplicates hard.

    Wang Gong, 35 years old, the magazine edits. Although she still lives day everyday now 9 evening the life of 5, regard the job as no longer however the method that fend, happy feeling also adds cent accordingly many. Wang Gong of more than 30 years old says, oneself can have retired at any time, this is complete benefit from benefit from 8 years since the redound that invests house property.

    2000, graduate of bark red college enters a real estate kind media works, as a result of working property, her early began to contact real estate to develop business. "Write the press release of estate everyday, oneself also want to experience house property invests, add also think give presents parents at the outset, follow husband collect 120 thousand yuan, paid head pay. " Wang Gong says. Be less than two years, value of this house property breaks up times. They borrow money to still be borrowed ahead of schedule, sold a house. Because know many buildings dish develop business, wang Gong sells the house property that additionally two part purchased instantly after the house, she just stems from the think of a way that wants to buy one flatlet again for oneself at that time, the big ox city that did not think of estate market however subsequently and come.

    As a result of savor benefit, arrived 2004 2007 3 years, wang Gong is used early or late mortgaged loan to buy villa and office building. Pass change hands a few times, now, the hire that this a few flatlet produce still is over in every months have more than needed is returned after loan 10 thousand yuan, of 2 people of husband and wife small endowment the life passes quite moistly.

    Detail reminds

    We do not advocate show level " fry a room " . For the person that invests to still perhaps considering house property, the expert suggests to should consider principle of two large investment: The first, in order to rent yield is given priority to. Not should the word of be biased intermediary, whether to after wanting to considered this house to buy however, hire must go out and how much is hire. The 2nd, room most the investment of be most willing to: Children

    Roger of investment Great Master this succeed all one's life countless, when investment that asks he is the most complacent, he says, it is oneself daughter. "I once felt to raise the child is to bother the thing that wastes money again already, had a daughter to just know, this ability is the investment that can bring happy sense to you most. This ability is the investment that can bring happy sense to you most..
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