Professional career is just as " goddess in the moon " approach a month
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  • In goddess in the moon a satellite flies to the middle of the long trip of the moon outside 380 thousand kilometer, need experience blasts off, into course, change course, amend as complex as a series of height such as apply the brake the movement that is full of a risk again, just can finish smoothly enter the space the task. And the satellite launchs the whole process that enter the space to develop a process with the professional career of everybody fitly very similar. Occupational development needs a such courses as much, here, we will " goddess in the moon " the measure that enter the space contrasts with all sorts of case, help great master " adjust " the direction in professional career.

    Step 1 goddess in the moon 1: Blast off with into course

    ■ case: Original profession locates

    Grace is computer major one's previous experience, see learn to grow learn elder sister people grim obtain employment situation, undertook to career of exposed to the sun the profession seeks advice that 4 years greatly. In the evaluation report from her and the talk with professional program teacher, the expert discovers the professional type of Grace does not suit the job of technical research and development. Pass understanding, the expert still discovers Grace is in big 3 when had attended a lot of societies to carry out, and be in market sale respect very have fun at. Division of final profession program helps what she finds to suit relatively cut a point -- sale position, the industry can be market of her more familiar computer, network. This solution makes Grace very satisfactory. But the expert tells Grace, this is a first direction only, and real operation rises must want those who accept respect of skill of resume, interview to groom, just calculate can more successful ground to enter duty field path.

    Step 2 goddess in the moon 1: Change course and approach a month

    ■ case: Turn direction is adjusted to continue to develop after travel

    Currently hold the post ofthe Zhang Li of manager of market of region of China of some foreign enterprise, the chemical industry that is graduated from a famous college of domestic at first is professional, the produces industrial chemicals product state-owend enterprise that a quite famous energy of life took through the relation of kin after graduation. The section is produced in industrial chemicals from original raw material research and development member, quality inspector, to the sectional director later, working is 6 years. 6 this years he feels extremely as dry as a chip and drab, do not be clear that oneself want what to do, his career is advancing it seems that, but the heart is sinking into step by step however.

    The profession that professional program division compared clear, objective, scientific ground to show him from each angle, disposition, temperamental scene, discovering Zhang Li is independent model temperamental, extroversion working style, have very strong adventure drive and innovation capacity, the position of professional handler suits Zhang Li more the development henceforth.
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