Woman 28, encounter duty field cage
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  • A manageress, hardship struggled a lot of years, when entering a famous foreign enterprise successfully to make handler eventually, in was immersed in brimless fear suddenly.

    She says: "I discover suddenly, struggled when me so old, see oneself are whacked, without recreational life, see boss is more whacked, without oneself life, the boss that sees boss again more more painstaking. . . . . . I do not know all these for what, soon lines adds, skin consenescence, the gentleman cannot get due attentive, I feel very sad really, go toward where, still struggle? Can be all people very envy me, only I do not envy myself. Only I do not envy myself..

    My heart thinks, she encountered a woman again " duty field cage " . These year, I discover, woman of 28 years old, the woman with the more outstanding eager to do well in everything, appear more easily interior wave motion.

    "Value and not worth " if the nerve that the problem always is perplexing them, include me, once 28 years old of women.

    The woman can think, if go all out in work,mean more going all out in work, where is the meaning of that life?

    Eventually one day, I wanted to understand, I also make this manageress of 28 years old clear today:

    We can struggle for the target, gain the right, money, position, influence, but the most important, struggling process itself is a kind of joy, and life is a process, occupational fun is in each link. May hard work can make a person painful, but " idle will do not have a thing " more let a person be borne hard.

    When the woman suspects her choice, want to ask oneself only, you can bear: Recreational, easy -- but insipid, does lack make the living of feeling?

    Woman, be full of dreamy woman, must face the reality on duty field: Want to experience glowed life, be about to bear like the man pay. Joy has at any time, she is in yourself's heart.

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