How does graduate choose the first job
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  • Compere (Ceng Haibo) : Each netizen is good, welcome everybody to enter program of today's Tecent video living broadcast, the compere Ceng Haibo that I am today, so the honored guest that arrives please today, a vice-president land that is net of China person of outstanding ability learns Mr Bin, additionally one is Mr Su Shanghua, welcome 2. The issue that we discuss today is the problem about undergraduate obtain employment, after entering 90 month, graduate especially the student of the class, no matter be undergraduate students, graduate student, still be three-year institution of higher learning is born, began land add add to enter to apply for a job in the center, do resume, attend invite applications for a job to meet, they can face various quandary, choose the profession that oneself love for example, still be stoop to compromise, seek a job that can give oneself pay and income, the apiration of family considers when still having to apply for a job or consider oneself hobby, one's deceased father grind or go abroad, choose time of the first occupational should how, the person that various problems are perplexing to apply for a job, I knew division of 2 professions program to also encounter the problem that the undergraduate encounters in to apply for a job between daily life, we ask Mr Su Shanghua above all, share a case that he encounters.

    Su Shanghua: Good, I last year a client of bring into contact with, probably the circumstance is this appearance, he is the graduate student that Beijing Normal University learns geographical major, he is being read at that time grind 2, choose special quandary to his prospective profession next, because if he chooses professionally according to oneself, that a lot of his classmates and teacher can suggest he enters a few institutes, it is the relevant institute of geographical major, perhaps become a teacher to a few schools, be like almost with respect to this two roads. But his heart has unwilling, he feels these two cannot realize his ideal, he is quite so bemused, find us at that time here, next at that time I will recieve this case, I was done to him a few coach accordingly, of course today is one is shared, so I think out to throw this case, think a total to listen to land next, if be you accept this case, that listens how to can undertake a series of program. Main setting is this appearance, learn the graduate student of geographical major, face the quandary that the profession chooses now, be go toward wh which direction, more confused, he sees now have these two ways only.

    Liu Xuebin: What is his own idea?

    Su Shanghua: We did a few exploration later, he prefers contact with following a person, we also can see inside whole communication process, his communication capability is very strong, still their courtyard is fastened, fasten the seminar chairman inside namely, he is many time throws an organization what activity, engineer what activity above, guide everybody organize activity of a few what together, more energy are to put be above this, so he is compared in the advantage above this apparent, can see have certain leadership.
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