Room of labour firewood gens shifts economy 4 laws
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  • Since this year, frequency of policy of monetary adjusting control goes out, the Central Bank parts on March 18, on May 19, will increase individual housing 3 times to borrow money on July 21 standard interest rate. In adding the sequel of breath again and again, house of labour firewood estate borrows gens how ability is relaxed conduct financial transactions, alleviate individual reimbursement pressure, personage of bank conduct financial transactions shows a labyrinth for this.
    Dovish model commercial loan shifts to an earlier date number of reimbursement province interest

    At the beginning of this month, study the report predicts in succession inside course of study, CPI of the 3rd quarter innovates probably again this year tall, think the Central Bank is added probably again inside course of study breath. Although be adjusted every time range is not big, but the room that causes from this borrows a client every months to still borrow defray to increase still is more considerable.

    Via computation the reporter discovers, current, with last person housing loan 5 years standard interest rate is 7.38% , relatively the beginning of the year rose 0.54 percent, accumulative total rises nearly 8% . With brushstroke amount 300 thousand yuan, loan of 20 years is deadline exemple, below the premise that offers the float below standard interest rate 15% privilege in the bank, specified amount of every months of reimbursement below new interest rate is 2196.81 yuan, relatively every months of many defray at the beginning of this year 79.58 yuan.

    From this analysis of personage of bank conduct financial transactions says, "Once borrow money to always want to pay interest, once add,cease to must pay interest more. Accordingly, the the simplest, dovishest efficient way that reduces interest expenses puts in gold of repayment of capital 's charge as early as possible namely, and endeavor to shorten loan time limit. Current, the person that labour firewood estate buys a house is used normally ahead of schedule reimbursement, and oversight reduce loan time hard, if shift to an earlier date already,reimbursement reduces loan time again, work along both lines more province accrual. Work along both lines more province accrual..

    For instance, mr Zhu of labour firewood estate bought a house in August 2005, principal of the loan that return remnant 600 thousand yuan, borrow period return remnant 18 years or so. Former every months of reimbursement 4963 yuan, add up to deal with accrual to be controlled for 472 thousand yuan. Because be added again and again,cease, the plan increases reimbursement specified number every months now. Use the first kind of method above all, the month is offerred increase, endeavor to shorten at the same time reimbursement deadline, strive for loan is paid off inside 12 years.

    Add breath hind, according to year of loan interest computation of 7.38% , every months of reimbursement increases to now 6292 yuan, such after 12 years, add up to need pays accrual to be controlled for 306 thousand yuan. Can discover, add up to OK and economic interest 166 thousand yuan. Comparative is, use the 2nd kind of method, increase due month to offer, but do not shorten to the utmost reimbursement deadline, only plan pays off loan inside 15 years, need reimbursement every months so 5521 yuan, need adds up to to pay 394 thousand yuan accrual fee after 15 years, save 78 thousand yuan of right-and-left accrual only. This shows, continue merely protracted pay off loan 3 years again, pay 88 thousand yuan of high interest more with respect to need.
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