Useless oil of the cropland in Wen Zhou reclaims processing limited company - ch
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Company dimensions: 50---Property of 99 people company: Do not be restricted company industry: Other | The sources of energy (electric power - oil) - irrigation works

Position property: Full-time issue date: 2008-10-22 date of expiration: 2008-10-18 work experience: 8 years above record of formal schooling asks: Undergraduate course reachs number of above invite applications for a job: 1 the gift of tongues: Monthly pay of Chinese mandarin position: 8001-10000 yuan / lunar resume language: Do not be restricted workplace: Category of lukewarm state position: Chemical technology position describes:
One, position description:
1. falls in general manager leader, begin the technical work; of the company
2. is in charge of technology of the products plan of the company, production and product research and development;
3. can coordinate the combinative; of technology and production adroitly
4. the can directive, technology problem that in solving production, encounters.
2, requirement:
Record of formal schooling of 1. university undergraduate course, petrochemistry major;
Experience of work of trade of oil refining of 2.1 years of above, 5 years above technology manages experience. Or emeritus already, master craft of oil refining technology in the round, have higher professional level.
3. has good organization, harmonious, communication capacity.
4. is healthy, be full of passion to the job.
3 pay:
Yearly salary 100 thousand, or special condition but the face is discussed.
Provide food of accommodation, job freely.

Need to carry the relevant certificate such as certificate of Id, record of formal schooling, engineer certificate when interview.

Connect a telephone call: 0577-56766666, 13634285800, 0577-56650077.
Contact: Yu Yan  ?
Contact means:
Address: Zhejiang visits Ze Yazhen industrial district of sea area of Ou of lukewarm state city
Connect a telephone call: 13634285800 0577-56766666, 56650077
Fax: 0577-56650098
Firm network address: Http://
E-mail: company introduces:
Our company are located in Zhejiang to visit sea area of Ou of lukewarm state city, clever Shan Xiushui, highway of sea of lukewarm high speed of golden lukewarm railroad, Jin Li, Ou jumps over an area and pass, communication is convenient and quick. The company is one devotes oneself to to abandon oil to reclaim the new environmental protection of processing, science and technology enterprise; It is the company that lukewarm state city has aptitude exclusively to undertake abandoning oil to reclaim handling; It is resource is used circularly, the environment is friendly model enterprise. The company covers an area of 30 mus, garden pattern company, 40% what the afforest such as careless garden, flowers and trees occupies plant area area, green grass shade, fragrance of flowers and trees waves sweet. Always invest 50 million yuan, introduce abroad's advanced production technology, year 14000 tons of useless oil reclaim processing capability. Clean, purify, enclosed production. Sex of company solid pedestrian is changed, standardization management, reflect thick humanitarian consideration, reveal contemporary company wind model. With “ benefit the people's livelihood, outstanding ego ” is a concept, synchronism of pursuit environment benefit, society benefit, economic benefits develops. The company inspects a talent to be the most precious fortune, exert oneself builds the talent group with stable high quality. Develop on higher starting point to realize a company, invite sincerely the talented person that has spirit of challenge consciousness, innovation, scientific manner, genuine talent to join in, develop jointly, achievement career.
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