Limited company of Shenzhen Yue rich electron - systematic commissioner
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Company dimensions: 100---Property of 499 people company: Do not be restricted company industry: Electron - microelectronics

Position property: Full-time issue date: 2008-10-21 date of expiration: 2008-11-05 work experience: 3-4 year requirement of record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning reachs number of above invite applications for a job: 1 the gift of tongues: Monthly pay of Chinese mandarin position: Do not be restricted resume language: Do not be restricted workplace: Shenzhen position category: Position of environmental protection technology describes:
1. female, 20-28 year old
2. three-year institution of higher learning changes rate with above paragraphs
3. has electronic factory system to carry out experience 2 years above
4. has inside careful card
Contact means:
Address: Billows of view of area of Baoan of city of Guangdong province Shenzhen is street do gentleman cloth community to unite industrial garden 4
Connect a telephone call: 0755-29673816
Fax: 0755-28057502
Firm network address: Http://

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