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Company dimensions: 100---Property of 499 people company: Industry of state-owned company company: Estate is developed - building and project

Position property: Full-time issue date: 2008-10-18 date of expiration: 2008-11-15 work experience: 1 year the following record of formal schooling asks: Three-year institution of higher learning reachs number of above invite applications for a job: 7 the gift of tongues: Monthly pay of Chinese mandarin position: 1001-2000 yuan / lunar resume language: Do not be restricted workplace: Category of He lustre position: Construction member position description:
1, master dosage of construction schedule, raw material at any time.
2, problem of the technology in mastering construction process at any time, quality. Discover the problem is solved in time and inform company Technical Division.
3, control construction process strictly,
4, the construction craft regulation that makes sure whole project construction accords with a company.
5, group of harmonious good company, construction, project concerns just, can hard-working.
6, the success that assures a project.
7, after sending resume, please with my company piece manager connection: 15865676836
Contact means:
Address: Beijing
Connect a telephone call: 158-656768-36
Firm network address: Http://

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