Hangzhou shares network limited company - website management
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Company dimensions: 1---Property of 49 people company: Industry of company of company of privately owned, civilian battalion: Media - publish - culture travels

Position property: Full-time issue date: 2008-10-21 date of expiration: 2008-12-20 work experience: Do not be restricted requirement of record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning reachs number of above invite applications for a job: 2 the gift of tongues: Do not be restricted position monthly pay: 2001-3000 yuan / lunar resume language: Do not be restricted workplace: Hangzhou position category: Systematic manager - the net provides position description:
The installation of communication of network of application software of operating system of computer of 1 responsible center and equipment of hardware of website server etc and debug
2 recieve and handling center computer and network breakdown
Of 3 familiar websites build, safeguard, the relevant flow such as promotion
4 have primary process designing capacity
5 have certain human communication capacity
Contact means:
Address: The road austral villa of lake of area of villa of Hangzhou city arch C of 103 100 big gardens 16 buildings
Connect a telephone call: 0571-88394135-
Firm network address: Http://
E-mail: 5honey.service@163.com

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