Network to apply for a job is prevented cheat skill!
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  • The network went to the lavatory our better to apply for a job, but also brought an opportunity to company of illegal black intermediary, cheater!
    Hit cheater, everybody has duty pass selling is illegal behavior, the heart that kills a person cannot have, the heart that prevents a person cannot not have the working experience that is engaged in nearly two years according to me to say those who cheat subsidiary I am right discern, offer reference merely:

    When the interview that gets a business when you informs, what you should do the first times is the authenticity that inquires an enterprise, ground of time of phone of address of name of company asking Qing Dynasty, website, firm, company, interview, interview is nodded.
    Search means: Cheater of blank space of phone of cheater of company renown blank space
    1) cheater company mostly interest is large, the name that making high-tech, group mostly has invite applications for a job, remove normal lawful company of course.

    2) treatment is good, every months of 3000   5000 and it is to be hired urgently.

    3) the phone that did not secure, what stay without the fax is small well-informed or mobile phone date.

    4) without company website, those who use is a free 2 grade domain name, and very long do not update data. Think one registers fund millions of, the website that the company of a few ten million does not have him unexpectedly, I feel reliability is not high.

    5) even if stay have website, fax, telephone call, also do not loosen, company of a lot of cheater likes to use the brief introduction of other company: Fax, network address, contact an address, it is other of legal firm, only wanted on the telephone ability is cheater company, this bad to discern, you can contact this company to whether release information of this invite applications for a job directly to company website. If company of invite applications for a job has his website, had better make the connection telephone call on their website directly, company website has connection kind.

    6) in the brief introduction that the person that ask office does not want to put your connection way to you easily, the business that did not carry attestation so cannot see your connection way. In the mailbox that also does not send your resume to unit of invite applications for a job directly (recommend enterprise except) , because some cheater company is of the connection way that gets you so, best method is online send resume, the business that carries attestation only so just can see your connection way.

    7) ensure a regulation according to national obtain employment, to apply for a job person when interview, enterprise (outside removing lawful intermediate) must not with any nominal collection any charge, cheater company or illegal intermediary are when interview, the person that let to apply for a job hands in cost of dress of administration fee of so called archives to wait a moment, want to think carefully when to apply for a job encounters this kind of situation.
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