To apply for a job is careful by buy in and sell at a profit
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  • "Handed in 300 yuan of information to serve cost, did not get any working opportunity, also disappeared even duty interpose place now. " the experience that Xiaozhang recounts him helplessly to be uprighted to cheat by black duty to the reporter.

    Xiaozhang is an undergraduate that is about to walk out of a school gate, what school work has repaired to await graduation before the month a few he, want to use free time to look for a job to get used to a society in order to shift to an earlier date. An accidental opportunity, a such ad saw on a newspaper: Hire the member that type urgently, type: Computer of provide for oneself, print save file to disk can, 20-60 yuan 1000 words of / . The member that manuscript arranges: 40 thousand - portion of / of 100 thousand word, 1000 words of 20 yuan of / .

    Pieces what the conditional enough competency that feels oneself works this is small, found that company according to the address that indicates on advertisement then. Feel OK to systemic heart throws the job formerly, did not think of the fact is complete however beyond his imagination. This claims the company that is referral center of information of Beijing article Hua Anye is not is unit of direct choose and employ persons, is company of shell of a duty only.

    A narrow office, a boss, two member that receive a sentence, those who formed this company is all. Everything what see at the moment, let Xiaozhang generate a suspicion. The member that receive a sentence tells him, this company is orgnaization of service of a professional introduction, will had been about a hundred person to find the job smoothly for years, immediately holds an one pile agreement in the arms to say, these are successful case. Occupy the member that receive a sentence to tell, the working opportunity that they can offer is very much, for instance: The member that type, make friend, companion swims, time chat. The member that receive a sentence commends the work that makes friend and companion swim to Xiaozhang to the utmost, affirmatory have rich and generous get one's own back. But no matter seek what job, want to hand in information to serve cost beforehand. What how much because work,information expends is different and distinguish somewhat. If want to search,type, scribal wait for the job, need to hand in 300 yuan. If want to search,make friend, companion swims wait for high pay to work to want to hand in 500 yuan. Want to look for the Xiaozhang of a typed job only, paid fee of 300 yuan of information finally below the persuasion of the member that receive a sentence, signed an agreement that makes him former feel OK to be at ease. The general means of agreement: Referral center of information of XX of square Beijing of freewill Xiang Jia hands in Party B information expends 300 yuan, cooperative deadline is 12 months. Inside cooperative deadline, party A needs fibrous root asks according to Party B, provide actual information to Party B. The service of the Party A inside cooperative deadline fails to make Party B makes money, no matter any reasons, the agreement expires information cost sum is returned.
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