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  • "Younger sister, want not to want to make pluralistic model? " go in Chengdu Chun Xi road, too raise the flourishing a sector of an area such as the road, young girl always is met by a few middleaged women or man enthusiasm ground " invite " , once they are interested, fall into bilk person " interlink is covered " in. The person such as Chen Lang is such, cast a cost of part-time job of high specified number to attract first in school woman student, go up from their body again diddle is many " into duty " cost. A few days ago, procuratorate of bright and beautiful river is opposite with crime of fraud the 12 crime suspect such as Chen Lang gives batch catch.

    The heavy interlink that pay fee " slaughter "

    This year in March, chengdu some university is in in school student Xie Jiao ramble be called by a middleaged woman when Chun Xi road, ask her to make colour makeup excellent model to formal company, and pay of Xu Yigao forehead. Be in formal company, after Xie Jiao paid 30 yuan of fee signing up, company clerk waits with expenses of dress cash pledge, promotion for, collection 580 yuan cash pledge, opened a piece " report for duty case " .

    By report for duty case indicates Xie Jiao to engineer a center. Staff member because of the post responsibility gold, cost that pack, let Xie Jiao hand in 300 yuan again. Realize when Xie Jiao be deceived, when the money that requirement him recapture makes, the staff member says, charge is impossible to return, unless hand in 300 yuan again, not only can take salary of high specified number, the company still can return all deposit. Xie Jiao handed in 300 yuan again, the job that receives company arrangement finally is not colour makeup model, involve commercial secret however " market research " .

    "Maneating " duty interpose hits edge ball

    After receiving Xie Jiao to report a case to the security authorities, police is blocked obtained this group " crooked duty uprights " . Via checking solid, the head of this crime gang calls Chen Lang, 2006, he is in early or late one city opened pass an imperial examination of well of king government office company of transmission of a culture and model are formal company, gang member Tang Mou, Yang Mou responsible " draw a customer " , the staff member of disguise oneself as such as Han Mou, Zhang Mou, be expended in order to sign up or the charge of nominal collection high specified number of cash pledge. After bilk is successful, they to apply for a job person the introduction arrives " 2 swords firm " . "2 swords firm " meeting general reports for duty the deposit receipt on case calls in, victim no longer the evidence that hold is cheated. Subsequently, "2 swords firm " the person that can let to apply for a job continues to pay the fee such as the post responsibility gold, cost that pack, continue bilk.

    Careful does the inquisitor of this case to express, the form of company of shell of this kind of duty is lawful normally, but management content is fiction however, belong to dozen of typical law edge ball, to apply for a job person should plant to this " maneating " duty interpose raises vigilance, avoid to be deceived.
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