To apply for a job of many school student is decieved
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  • Message of Zhengzhou economy broadcast: Center of advisory hot line of authority of 12355 teenage dimension and psychology receives municipal Party committee of Zhengzhou of the Youth League in succession in last few days many universities and colleges such as teachers training school of advanced schools, Zhengzhou is in Wu of Henan finance duty more than times 40 the hotline that school undergraduate hits, complain tearfully they are cheated when searching a part-time job to work. To this, 12355 special remind the undergraduate that wants to work in summer vacation, vigilance should rise when applying for a job, identify legerdemain, enhance legal consciousness and ego to be on guard consciousness.

    Schools Hu Haisong's classmate reflects Henan wealth tax, he arrives last month talent market, want to seek a part-time job, use holiday and after school time earns living cost on the weekend. One is received to be called outside talent market " XX handiwork atelier " after the handbill that extending invite applications for a job holds two or more posts concurrently, the address that goes up according to the handbill was found be located in this company near mouth of across of road of culture road east wind. The staff member showed business license to him, introduced working way simply: Claim applicant wants pay only after 100 yuan guaranty gold, both sides can sign an agreement, the company offers the material that weaves handicraft and technology, after applicant refers 5 finished product to the company, the company is returned immediately return gold of these 100 yuan of guaranty. The small introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad immediately that heart of to apply for a job cuts made gold of 100 yuan of guaranty, signed an agreement. But 51 afterwards, when small Hu Zai goes to this company, already was the person goes however the building is empty. Just know after he calls the police, the person that is decieved together with him still has money only, courtyard of teachers training school, money, report is big the student that waits for many universities and colleges 40 much people.

    Draw near increasingly as summer vacation, what the undergraduate wants to use holiday to work is increasing. As we have learned, because the undergraduate lacks social experience, be on guard consciousness is not strong, a few illegal elements use them to be eager to finding working state of mind, put forward to compare favourable condition and promise, and show look for the person's manner agog cordially, master some of cogged skill again, the students with experience not dark world are very easy credulous the other side, be deceived.

    To this, 12355 special remind the undergraduate that wants to work in summer vacation, when walking into duty interpose place, the profession that should notice whether duty interpose place got labor department to examine and approve introduces licence, duty interpose place collects fees detail how, after paying fee must its open normal bill; If be as direct as unit of choose and employ persons contact, should make an on-the-spot investigation seriously so called " unit of choose and employ persons " whether to examine and approve through labor department, the unit that enrols a person to making a high pay wants special vigilance. Basis " labor law " regulation, unit of choose and employ persons is not gotten to to apply for a job person collection grooms the charge such as cost, cost signing up. When signing an agreement with the other side, the article that should notice whether consultative provision is put in inequity " trap " . To the clause with the improper feeling in the agreement, want seasonable demur, negotiate processing, sign finally, affix one's seal. In the meantime, if the undergraduate is working,encounter in the process " unit of choose and employ persons " unreasonable pay, can find work censorial branch help is harmonious solve; If the student is cheated to be harmed, should call the police in time, through public security mechanism the help is solved.
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