Teach your get behind trap of 5 big to apply for a job
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  • The reporter sums up them the fraud that go out to be arranged designedly, hope everybody is in process of to apply for a job how long a heart, must not be duped the following.

    Trap one " high pay " lure you to do pass annul

    "Want you to join our group only, monthly pay is taken after 3 months 3000 yuan or so, as the addition of your outstanding achievement, your wages increases month by month. " face such temptation, can you your mind disturbed? Two students that the performance is duped say: When they and this company negotiate, the company does not look diploma, fill a piece of form only, inform they say subsequently by employ, prepare to take them to go and other places of Guangxi, Yunnan. Going in the road of Guangxi, they realize is to pass after selling, be in south get off in next road, escaped.

    Trap 2 receive bail to fool you to shop

    Two graduate encountered such to apply for a job experiences: After they introduce via place of interpose of a duty, to Chengdu company of representative of a cosmetic applies for business director, after passing first try, second-round exam, company controller says to want try out 3 months, call them to learn to market the cosmetic that the company acts as agent first, made earnest money of 150 yuan of credit each, but did not take receipt. Through practice, they discover these products cannot be promoted at all. They understand in a large market later, the sale price of this cosmetic is 70 reach 80 yuan. Original, this company uses this to plant " invite applications for a job " method, covert the ground to to apply for a job person sell cosmetic.

    Trap 3 " do not have experience also but " bring you to enter " set "

    As we have learned, because unit of a lot of choose and employ persons asks to apply for a job person have working experience, block a few this year's undergraduates so was in " the door " outside. The undergraduate of strong finish school is in talent market, often have " short one cut " feeling. Accordingly, see on advertisement when this year's undergraduate " inexperienced also but " when waiting for a word, can shine at the moment, without thinking ground is being contended for fill in personal details, the setting to company of invite applications for a job criterion entirely pays no attention to, be in an unfavorable situation possibly finally. After an undergraduate filled a list, collection of requirement of the other side 100 yuan bail, apply for a job frequently he of be thwarted, made this money none hesitantly. After half month, he is announced person, the requirement returns earnest money, he is not taken however give evidence.

    Trap 4 color type of work forces you resign

    Many undergraduate has such experience: Saying on advertisement is invite applications for a job " manager " , monthly pay 1800 yuan. Paid 50 yuan intermediary fee when them, after doing procedure, be in to leave intermediary place by arrangement a nearby company works. The result goes to work the first day, company controller calls them " rise from basic level doing first " , let their preexistence inside a month, promote value each 10 thousand yuan health care is tasted. A month comes down, they in 6 people, finished the job without which, was dismissed naturally, not only did not take even base pay, still gave intermediary cost. They pass investigate publicly and privately later, discover what the person of interpose place leaves to this so called company is duty, use those who deceive people technically.
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